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Why You Should Bring Your Kids to a Branson Cabin This Fall

Date: 2013-10-28 06:11:35 pm

Why You Should Bring Your Kids to a Branson Cabin This Fall

 Fall is about the most gorgeous time of the year that you can take your kids to a vacation in a Branson log cabin settled in the center of the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. During the autumn, the Ozark Mountains' lakeshores, hilltops, mountainsides, balds, glades and hiking trails explodes into dazzling colors of yellow, orange and red during the time when oaks, hickories, maples and ashes prepare to shed their leaves thus making the Las Vegas of the Midwest a sight to behold. It is indeed a great time to indulge your kids to a vacation treat that will remain in their memory until they themselves turn feeble and gray. Below is a few of the many reasons on why you should take your children to an equinox getaway to the Ozarks during the most beautiful season that is autumn.

A nature walk is always a great way to spend the crisp autumn days. With the flamboyant colors of the leaves, you cannot argue that nature is at its best during fall season. In the Midwest, a common family nature walk is made even better by the wide lakeshores and captivating yet challenging hiking trails. You can choose to take your kids for a morning walk at the spacious shorelines of three pristine lakes. You may head to Lake Taneycomo and discover why it's listed as one of the United States' spectacular fall foliage cruise sites. Or you can explore the shorelines of Table Rock Lake or Bull Shoals Lake that are also as enticing as Lake Taneycomo's during fall season. If you are up to some climbing and exercise, there's a great number of hiking trails that you can spend the afternoons at.

If you love the cozy ambience of your Branson cabin, you will be delighted to know that you can actually prepare autumn's most popular snack, a pumpkin by taking the privilege to use the fully furnished kitchen. You could do that in the afternoons a few hours after exploring a pumpkin patch such as McKenna's where you can buy some squash that you can carve into jack-o-lanterns. Then of course, you can appreciate your kid's unique carving skills later while munching a slice of pumpkin pie. Branson Holloween for Kids Logo Just as it's the season for squash to glow, fall is also the season for picking apples. A lot of people actually consider apple picking as one enjoyable autumn activity. Another equinox activity that involves this tasty fruit is bobbing for apples where a number of apples are put in a basin where the contestant has to use his mouth to pick one. Sure enough you can enjoy this activity and make it a family event inside a cozy cabin. You can even add a little twist to the game by rewarding the winner with an apple pie baked on the fully equipped kitchen using the apples he/she got. Do that by filling a basin with water, putting some apples in it, having your kids form a line, tying their hands on their back, letting them pick the most apples they can in a required timeframe and finally rewarding the winner with a delicious apple pie.

The patio is one of the features of a Branson cabin where you will never tire of feasting your eyes upon the splendid colors of fall. It's the place where you can bring a book, sip a cup of tea, enjoy a family talk or make smores with your kids. While smores are a delicious treat to the tongue, it also fun to make especially with children. With a few chocolate bars, cookies, nuts, raisins and biscuits you can enjoy creating different snacks that you can munch while looking at the colorful surroundings.

A Branson log cabin is indeed the perfect place that you can take your children to during the vibrant fall season. With the scenery, activities and a cozy lodge, there's really no reason not to take your little ones to the heart of one of America's most visited destinations.

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