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Welcome a New Year in Branson

Date: 2013-09-09 09:21:21 am

Welcome a New Year in Branson

A new year is on the way and the possibilities are endless. How do you plan to welcome it? A midnight meal, some fireworks at the park, a countdown on TV. Sounds familiar doesn't it? Why? Because it's what you do every year. This time, why don't you welcome a new year in Branson, Missouri? Start the year right by filling the first blank of your 365 day journey with the best New Years Eve celebration there is.

Known as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, more than 25 shows and parties will join you as you say goodbye and thank you to the present year and greet the incoming year with positive enthusiasm. The best of Branson theaters prepared New Years Eve shows for you to delight upon. Sight and Sounds Theater will take you to ancient Egypt with an amazingly performed biblical story of Joseph, the man who trust and obeyed God. Watch and be inspired as one of the most noted Bible stories come to life with dazzling colors, awesome music and professional performers.

Another must see show on is the Lennon Sisters Christmas Show at Andy Williams Moon River Theater. The sisters will take you for a walk down memory lane as they sing and dance with music and video highlights. If you'd like to live and sing as you welcome a new year in Branson, the entertaining Sanders Family Christmas show will take care of you. Chocolate fountains for the whole family? Then watch as 8 siblings perform their musical prowess and join the countdown at the end of the Haygoods show. If you'd like to receive the New Year with your children wide awake, take them to the Hamner barber New Year's Eve fiesta where sidesplitting comedy, magical illusions, fun and games, dancing and singing will not allow them to even blink. The show begins at 9pm and ends with a laser light show and a countdown. Haygoods lighting new year show

Would you prefer to cruise the majestic Table Rock Lake and reminisce the memories the previous year has given you and have a solemn time from the deck when 12 o'clock creeps in? The Showboat Branson Belle over you a lifetime chance to journey among the pristine waters at New Years Eve. Don't worry about missing out on shows for Janice Martin, the aerial violinist and the Showmen will be aboard to amuse you.

Both shows are not the only thing you'll enjoy when you decide to spend the first midnight of a new year in Branson. Zip line areas are open to give you a thrill of a ride over hills and treetops. Museums such as the Titanic Museum, Ripley's Believe it or not and the Hollywood Wax Museum is open to take you back in time with romantic movie settings, rare oddities and the famous stars. You can also enjoy a last minute Christmas shopping so you can buy things that will accompany you in the next year. Consider it as a memento from the Ozark Mountains that welcomed a new chapter of life with you.

And where did you see a new year without the spectacular fireworks display? In Branson, a firework is a tradition. Not only does the sky ablaze with blazing colors but does the three lakes that reflect this beauty in their crystal blue waters.

A new year, a new start! Step out of the comfort emitted by traditional celebration and welcome a new year in Branson. Sing, dance, laugh, cruise, tour and start another year with pure bliss.

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