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Waterfalls near Your Cabin in Branson

Date: 2014-01-17 04:49:12 pm

Waterfalls near Your Cabin in Branson

Staying in a cabin in Branson during an Ozark vacation offer access to a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, fishing, camping, biking, zip lining and hunting. But did you know that while you relax in your cozy log cabin, you can also visit waterfalls around the area which are located a few miles away, thus only a short drive from your lodge? Do you want something unique such as water falling for your getaway to the Ozark Mountains as opposed to occasional shows and attractions? Are you hoping for a vacation where you can get back to nature with your whole family?  

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All that you can have when you rent a cabin at the Grand Mountain at Thousand Hills Golf Resort. The cabins will exceed your expectation in terms of amenities, decoration, ambience and most of all location. The cabins are located right in the heart of Branson behind Highway 76 Strip which offer easy access to live shows, theaters, museums, amusement parks, outlet malls and restaurants that the Live Entertainment Capital of the World is famous for. But since the Ozark Mountains is also noted for its natural beauty, the cabins are also conveniently located near hiking trails and 3 beautiful manmade lakes. But did you know that your homey lodge is also situated near waterfalls where you can spend a few hours or a day of family time?  

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is a popular hiking trail that you can visit during your stay in a cabin in Branson. This trail boasts 10,000 acres of unspoiled mountain beauty. You can see the marvelous beauty of this park at any time of the year either by hiking or biking. You can see the marvelous beauty of this park at any time of the year either by hiking or biking. You can bring your kids along for a day in the greens where you can fish for trout at the streams or watch the water fall from the mountainside. This trail actually has a few waterfalls, some of which are Thunder Falls and Glory Hole. Glory Hole is a favorite among visitors because of its clear water and the chance to climb the rocks for a closer look. Thunder Falls, on the other hand can't be miss and when you do visit it, be sure to have a camera on hand.  


Another picture perfect place that you and your kids can pay a visit is the Waterfalls Trail that's located near your cabin in Branson. This trail right in the middle of the Ozarks begins with a journey along a creek and ends to a spectacular waterfall. Just another magnificent place that you must see is the Waterfall Room at Marvel Cave. The cave is an attraction itself that most of the vacationers that visit the Silver Dollar City also visit. The water that falls from the rocks inside the cave is provided by the Lost River.  

There is nothing like that splendid moment of looking up to a waterfall after hiking for a few hours. Experience this awesome event with your spouse and kids on your next stay in a cabin in Branson. You can spend a few moments at the waterfalls by setting up a picnic, swimming or just looking at the clear waters before they hit the bottom.

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