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Visit Marvelous Marvel Cave during Your Branson Vacation

Date: 2013-11-18 06:32:32 pm

Visit Marvelous Marvel Cave during Your Branson Vacation

You probably love Silver Dollar City and all the family oriented attraction the theme park offer, but did you know that your favorite amusement park in the Live Entertainment Capital of the World lies on top of a marvelous cave? How would you love to visit Marvel Cave, one of Silver Dollar City's prides on your next Branson vacation? How far will you go underground? Wouldn't it be a great experience to discover what's hidden below Silver Dollar City? Get yourself ready, as you go on reading, you will get a glimpse on what you'll find inside the magnificent cave.

Marvel Cave is a sight to see on the outside but what truly makes it worth a visit is it rooms and passages that you are welcome explore. But first you will have to descend 300 feet into the earth and maneuver 600 stairs before you are able to see the beauty of each room. Originally called Marble Cave, the cave features 16 equally marvelous rooms and passages where you can spend minutes open mouthed.

Upon entering the Cathedral Room, the largest cave entrance there is in the country, you will be impressed how debris from rocks, trees and dirt formed a welcoming attraction referred by many as the Underground Mountain. As you already know, bats do live in caves and Marvel cave is not an exception. During the day, hundreds of bats hibernate at the Mammoth Room which you will be able to see on your Branson vacation.

Appropriately named as The Dungeon, a passage right next to the Cathedral Room, the walls of this passage is filled with blood stains due to the appearance of iron oxide. This event actually lead early explores to believe that the cave was once a torture zone used by Spanish travelers. Ever heard of a cave that has lakes inside it? At Marvel Cave you will be able to delight upon the fact that two lakes are located at the Lakes Passages.

The fountain of youth is a promise of regaining the younger years of anyone who drinks from it. At the Spring Room, it is believed that the water from the waterfalls is magical and could possibly be the fountain of youth itself. You might be wondering how the water used to flow inside the cave, that you will find out once you go through the Serpentine Passage.

Are you fond of Egyptian items? You will then love the Egyptian Room that is sometimes called the Shoe Room since its ceiling is shaped like a large sandal. Creepy as it Marvel Cave Experience Logo may sound, you may just be able to find the entrance to the underworld during your Branson vacation. The Gulf of Doom at Marvel Cave is once believed to be bottomless since every rock thrown in it doesn't make a sound. But the secret actually lies on the large amounts of clay that coat the bottom.

Would you touch the clouds if you could? At the Cloud room you'll feel as though you are standing below hanging clouds. Cave explorations can be a pain in the back sometimes especially if you have to pass through narrow passages such as The Man's Headache. But as narrow as it is, you will soon discover that the journey is worth the pain since you will see a replica of a cabin's painting at the Harold Bell Wright Passage.

Waterfalls are common attractions inside caves. But at the waterfall room, you will be astounded to discover that the water comes from The Lost River. The Mud Room, which is next to the Waterfall Room may sound a bit like it's not worth a visit but don't you worry, the mud has long since been removed. That's not the end of your underground voyage since 3 more passages await your arrival.

A Branson vacation is not always about being above the earth and enjoying all the attractions there. At Marvel cave, it's also about heading underground to discover the beauty of the earth. 

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