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Trout Fishing in Branson-Lake Taneycomo

Date: 2013-12-12 08:57:20 am

Trout Fishing in Branson-Lake Taneycomo

 The act of catching fish is never easy. You can wait for hours anticipating a catch but without luck, you can probably waste a day and end up with an empty bucket. As an enthusiastic fisher who either fish for leisure, food or living, would you believe that you can get a years' worth of catch by fishing in Branson?

Lake Taneycomo, one of Branson's unspoiled man made lakes was created in 1913 during the completion of the Powersite Dam is renowned for trout fishing. Originally created as a reservoir, the lake is now a top tourist destination and is pride of the Ozarks. The vast majority of water activities on the lake and more than 40 miles of shoreline invites tourist to come near it year round.  You can swim, coast, take a walk along the shoreline and of course fish. Its clear cold waters that are a perfect habitat for both rainbow and brown colored trout actually used to be warm. Up to these days, although it is already branded as a lake it still retains the look and feel of a river. The lake got its name from first two letters of the places' name, Taney County, Missouri.

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So if Lake Taneycomo does make trout fishing in Branson far lot easier than in other areas, how can you get started? First, you need to obtain a permit to fish for trout. You need to possess a resident, non-resident or youth license that you may obtain from fishing outfitters and supply stores that surround the area.

But then, where do all the fish come from? The answer lies at the largest trout production facility in Missouri, The Shepherd of the Hills Hatchery. The facility caters to all the phases of reproducing trout; from egg incubation, intermediate rearing up to the final rearing thus producing 1,125 000 trout annually. Shepherd of the Hills Fish hatchery occupies 211 acres of land which you can actually visit for a free educational tour. And if you go, do bring lots of fish food as the management allows visitors to feed the fish. It is a great place to bring your kids so they can enjoy some fishy adventure that is a day filled with film viewing, touring and fish feeding. The lake is supplied with 750, 000 trout yearly so you don't have to worry about filling your buckets during a whole day of lake fishing.

But then, why should you go fishing in Branson? The Ozarks boast the abundance of its live shows making the Live Entertainment Capital of the World but so does its natural beauty. It has 3 pristine man made lakes that add up to its beautiful mountains thereby attracting both locals and foreign visitors to its abode year after year. Fishing is actually a leisure activity that requires very little effort. But that little effort that you exert is very much worth it since fishing is beneficial for the lungs since it requires plenty of time outdoors.

There are tons of activities that you can make yourself busy once you take a vacation in the Ozark Mountains. But being a fisherman that you are, you must definitely try fishing in Branson at the famous Lake Taneycomo. Fill your buckets with brown or rainbow colored trout, relax, and enhance your physical well being at a fishing vacation in the Midwest.


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