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Top Five Outdoor Fall Activities in Branson

Date: 2013-10-30 10:48:09 pm

Top Five Outdoor Fall Activities in Branson

Beautiful scenery, cool crisp morning, cozy evenings, harvest and Thanksgiving, trick or treats and Halloween, apple picking, smores, hot chocolates and hoodies, autumn is indeed the most beautiful time of the year. So how do you plan to celebrate this gorgeous season? Maybe a walk in the park, a picnic, hiking with your loved ones, a visit on a pumpkin patch or a hay rack ride? Why don't you do those autumn fun activities in the Live Entertainment Capital of the World where the changing colors of the Ozark Mountains provides a vibrant backdrop? During fall in Branson, what you thought of as regular plans is made special in the Midwest.

Halloween is just one of the many holidays that are celebrated along with nature's flamboyant explosion of colors. And, sure enough the lonely pumpkin finds its chance to gleam during the creepy event. Pumpkin carving has even became a tradition that most families spend a day at pumpkin patches selecting the best, if not the biggest squash that they could carve into a Jack-o-lantern. How would you love to create your own family tradition by going to a pumpkin patch in the Las Vegas of the Midwest every equinox and carving your own frightening pumpkin inside a Branson cabin? You could head to McKenna's Pumpkin Patch and bring your choice of pumpkin to your cozy lodge, so later in the night you could have a unique lantern on display.

The lakes and parks that surround the Ozark Mountains are only a few of the many places where you can see the captivating beauty of fall in Branson. One of the most rewarding ways of seeing the enchanting display of colors from the leaves of the tress is taking a nature walk. So why don't you gather your whole family around and take them to a few hours of walk on the parks or at the lakeshores where you will be welcomed to take cover under a canopy of colorful leaves should you need a few minutes of rest. This also provides you the chance to have a family talk about random things, like a new show on TV, a dress your daughter saw at the mall or a toy your little one could be hoping to get for Christmas.

You may not be able to see the beauty of the fall season during the evenings but in the Ozarks, you could still enjoy the cool breeze brought by the autumn air by participating in Hay Rack Rides. You could visit a farm and take pleasure in the good clean fun and possibly pick a pumpkin. Should you want to experience a more thrilling ride, you could always visit Branson in the Halloween weekend and join a haunted hayride that will surely give you the creeps.

The stunning and picturesque view of the Ozark Mountains will enchant you to hike the gorgeous trails. Ozark Mountain Logo Packing up a pair of hiking boots is therefore a must. And of course, there's no way you could forget a camera. You shouldn't miss capturing such a magnificent view. During fall in Branson, you can head for a morning or afternoon hike on a rugged or paved terrain where you can mingle with the dazzling display of colors of nature.

Who wouldn't enjoy a family picnic in a colorful setting? Surely, you will. Why don't you prepare some autumn snack like smores and some pumpkin pie and head outside on a sunny day to enjoy a picnic with your better half and kids? This you can do at the lakesides, beside streams, waterfalls and even at parks.

There's no such thing as regular vacation during fall in Branson. Even the simplest of family activities can be ranked as one of the top five autumn activities because of the fantastic view of equinox season in the Ozark Mountains.

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