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The Vibrant Fall for the Ozarks

Date: 2013-10-24 07:48:05 pm

The Vibrant Fall for the Ozarks

Before summer fades to winter, maples, ashes, oaks and hickories on the mountainsides, balds, glades and lakeshores of the Ozark Mountains explodes into dazzling colors of yellow, orange and red. Autumn's spectacular display of colors is in itself a reason to plan a vacation in the Midwest during the fall season. Branson fall is an annual nature show of vibrant colors that will please your eyes by walking on the hillsides, driving around, and cruise on the lakes and even aboard a plane.

The most trekked hiking trails in Branson like the Dogwood Canyon turns into a 220 acre nature photographer's delight during autumn. Fall Logo The route never gets boring because at every turn the transition of leaf colors will mesmerized you. You can even take photos while you walk, bike or ride a horse before you reach the waterfall where you can meditate and relax just by looking at how the clear waters reflect the changing colors of the trees. If you'd rather ride a train and enjoy the view of the hills and mountaintops from the windows, the most classic ride in Branson is at your service. Branson scenic railway provides tours around Ozarks picturesque mountains and is a real treat during the fall when the leaves are turning.

A cruise on Lake Taneycomo is always a memory to remember. But during autumn, one of United States' 8 most spectacular fall foliage cruises will give you the best time of your life. The lake's 40 mile shoreline turns into an array of brilliant colors that is best seen from the deck of an old fashioned boat or a luxury yacht. Lake Queen and the Landing Princess, cruise boats owned by the Branson Landing will take you on a sail along the clear, cold and smooth waters of Lake Taneycomo where from the decks your eyes will feast upon the radiance radiated by the colors of Branson Fall.

How about an aerial view of the beautiful fall foliage of the Ozark Mountains? That surely is inviting! You can hire a helicopter or a plane to take you on a journey across the blue skies of Missouri. Don't be afraid of the altitude because down below a flamboyant landscape awaits you.

But Branson Fall is not just about the attractive preparation of the leaves to shake off their leaves. Autumn in Branson is also about Thanksgiving, National Harvest Festival, Veterans Homecoming and the Autumn Daze Craft Festival. Your traditional baked turkey is made even tastier by skilled chefs from Branson restaurants that prepare the best of Thanksgiving meals there is in the Midwest. For a whole month, you beloved amusement park, Silver Dollar City will celebrate the equinox with its craftsmen and musician during the National Harvest Festival. Participate in the parades, festivals, recognition and shows prepared to honor the men and women who fought for independence at the Veteran's Homecoming. Or, be dazed at the Autumn Daze craft Festival by heading to downtown Branson where more than 150 craftsmen and women will show off their skill in producing handmade crafts.

A backdrop of vivid autumn colors, live shows, festivals and so much more. This is what makes Branson Fall unique. Bring your hiking boat, drive or come aboard, journey on the waters or rent a chopper. Whichever way you want to see the Ozarks colorful autumn, it's your call. And with the festivities that happen in the area during the fall your autumn vacation will be a memory as vivid as the colors of the Ozark Mountains.

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