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The Southern Gospel Picnic arrives this fall in Branson

Date: 2013-10-20 05:31:03 pm

The Southern Gospel Picnic arrives this fall in Branson

Admit it, praise and worship is hardly the reason why you are planning a vacation this fall in a Branson cabin. When you wrote your list of must-do's, you probably never thought of listing the phrase. What's in your list could be ‘watch a show, visit a museum, shop, have taste of a luscious Ozark Meal, spend a day at an amusement park, cruise the lakes, zip line and explore the lake shores and mountain sides' while the beautiful Ozark Mountains displays a kaleidoscope of dazzling colors. But did you know that you can also include praise and worship in your list by attending the Southern Gospel Picnic?  

Silver Dollar City is an attraction in the Las Vegas of the Midwest that is known to many as one of the best amusement parks in Branson. With its live shows, family oriented attractions, great home style food and energetic atmosphere, no one would disagree that Silver Dollar City is one of the reasons why Branson is one of America's top tourist destination. To add up to its festive ambience, the theme park hosts 6 festivals every year. In the autumn, the National Harvest Festival and Southern Gospel Picnic arrives at Branson's most favored theme park.

Southern Gospel Picnic LogoThe Southern Gospel Picnic is considered as America's premier Southern Gospel Gathering. It is a feast for the soul where hundreds of performers that consist of the most famous names in Southern gospel music come to Branson to sing the most heartfelt worship song to fill the Ozark air. It takes place in the beginning of the fall in Branson right when the trees that grow along the mountainsides, lakeshores, glades, balds and hilltops start to change their colors. As summer begin to fade into autumn and nature starts to display dazzling colors, you can go for a vacation in the Live Entertainment Capital of the World where live entertainment is also about praising the creator.

At the Southern Gospel Picnic you will get to listen to the most noted southern gospel music singers sing soulful sounds for 2 hours every evening. You can also enjoy picnic style food which consists of chicken cooked in different ways. And to make it more exciting, Silver Dollar City's normal attractions will be open so anytime you want to go for a thrilling roller coaster ride you can always go.

But who would you expect to sing songs of praise to you as you spend a vacation during fall in Branson? After a day of exploring the gorgeous autumn display of colors of the Ozark Mountains, which voices would sooth and make your mind at peace? Aaron Wilburn, Booth Brothers, Dixie Melody Boys, Reggie Sadler Family, Brian Arnold, Second generation, The Taylors, Tribute Quartet, Dixie Echoes and many others will make you feel the presence of God during your getaway to one of America's top tourist destinations. In Branson, a vacation is not only about enjoying the lazy days but also about thanking the Almighty for despite the busy day to day activities, you can still treat yourself to an exciting yet soulful vacation.

So what are you waiting for? Add the Southern Gospel Picnic in your list of must-do's for your getaway this fall in Branson. Head to Silver Dollar City and grab a taste of a hearty Ozark meal, enjoy the rides the theme park offer and nurture your soul with heartwarming music while you spend a vacation to the Las Vegas of the Midwest.

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