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The Lakes will lure you to come to Branson this Fall Season

Date: 2013-10-08 04:23:44 pm

The Lakes will lure you to come to Branson this Fall Season

Fall is a season for celebration. As the weather gets cooler, leaves gets brighter and days get shorter, holidays and festivals are also celebrated. In the Ozark Mountains where glades, balds, lakeshores, mountainsides and hilltops are a sight to behold during the vibrant autumn, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Labor Day are commemorated along with the gorgeous display of colors of nature. Festivals such as the National Harvest Festival are also celebrated during Branson fall. The Live Entertainment Capital of the World also boasts three equally scenic ways of seeing its captivating autumn beauty, one of which is visiting the lakes near your cabin rentals, one experience that you can't miss.

The Branson tri-lakes area, though manmade are pristine bodies of water that lures a great number of water enthusiast and typical Ozark vacationers to visit the Las Vegas of the Midwest year round. On the most beautiful time of the year, namely the equinox, the unspoiled shorelines of Table Rock Lake, Lake Taneycomo and Bull Shoals Lake comes alive in vivid colors of yellow, orange and red. You could always enjoy swimming, boating, scuba diving, parasailing, water skiing, cruising, walking along the shoreline and a picnic on a hot sunny day, but with a brilliant backdrop and the view of the trees on the lakeshore, a visit to the lakes on the autumn season is an opportunity you shouldn't miss.

A true Gem of the Ozarks, Table Rock Lake's crystal blue waters seems to be always inviting everyone to swim. Branson Lakes Foliage Logo The crisp weather plus the beautiful reflection of the changing leaves on the clean waters is what would lure you to take a dip. You could enjoy treading the waters this Branson fall, playing water games with your kids or racing each other and not feel tired for every time you stop to take a breath, the smell of the leaves will fill your lungs and the view of the shoreline will please your eyes.

A cruise on the cozy autumn afternoon right before the sun goes down is a romantic and intimate event that can be spent with your better half and little darlings. And with Lake Taneycomo being one of United States' most spectacular fall foliage cruises, there's no reason not to get aboard a traditional boat or a classy yacht and sail upon the smooth waters. You could stand by the deck and watch as the sunset. But while waiting for the earth's brightest star to rest, why not feast your eyes upon the breathtaking foliage that is Lake Taneycomo's wide shoreline.

During Branson fall, Bull Shoals Lake untouched shoreline is a great place for a picnic. You could set a blanket and a basket down under a flamboyant canopy of leaves and devour a light meal that could consist of some sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, some pumpkin juice and sliced apples. After filling yourselves up with your tasty meal, why not spend the rest of the day exploring the enchanting shoreline. Of course, you should not forget to bring a camera so you can always preserve the happy moments spent with nature as it's in its most spectacular display of colors.

Whether you prefer to swim, cruise or enjoy a picnic and explore the shorelines of Ozark lakes this Branson fall, the vibrant transition of colors from the leaves of the trees will be a delight. Come and visit Table Rock Lake, Lake Taneycomo and Bull Shoals Lake this autumn, enjoy the waters and explore the shorelines and feast your eyes on the foliage.

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