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Spooktacular Halloween at a Branson Log Cabin

Date: 2013-10-31 05:40:08 am

Spooktacular Halloween at a Branson Log Cabin

Halloween is the time for creeps but in the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, it's also the time for creating not so spooky family moments inside a cabin at the Grand Mountain. While the Ozarks has a lot to offer during frightening the November night, you can extend your celebration inside your chosen lodge. You must have been into a horror filled Branson attraction or festival during the first day of your Halloween weekend and would love to waste the day away in a Branson log cabin where you can sit or grab a drink anytime you want but is worried about not being able to enjoy your getaway if you did. No worries! Here are a few scary tricks you can enjoy as a family inside your cozy cabin.

Prepare Halloween ‘Fatal Food'

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Cookies, refreshments and apples are great company when you are lazy around. Since it's the Halloween, why don't you give the usual snack a twist? Gather the whole family around the fully furnished kitchen and show off your individual creativity by baking and decorating Halloween cookies and preparing creepy drinks. You can make a cookie that is shaped like a pumpkin, write boo in large letters on your food or create a tombstone cookie by writing R.I.P on it. Match this nibbles with a bloody drink by mixing strawberry juice and putting it in a large bowl. But if you'd rather get food in the hard way just for the challenge of it, try bobbing for apples. You can fill a pail or a large basin with water, put apples in it then tie the arms of your loved ones on their backs. Be sure to give the winner some fatal food at the end of the game as a price.

Turn off the lights and play flashlight tag

It's a spooky night inside a Branson log cabin but it doesn't mean you can't have fun. Why cower in fear in a dark corner and dread witches, werewolves and vampires when your whole family can laugh out loud by playing flashlight tag? Divide the family in two teams, give each member a flashlight, turn of the lights and have fun. Perk that experience up by playing some spooky music on the background. As your cabin is spacious, you can get all the fun you want to have on a Halloween night.

Trick or Treat

Trick or treat is a common Halloween game played by children by asking for treats from one house to another. But don't despair for you can still do just that inside your lodge. Load up some candy and designate a member in each of the roomy bedrooms then order your kids to go from one room to another and beg for sweets. By doing this, you can make the traditional custom an intimate family event. Be sure to have your camera on ready so you can capture every smile or grin from your kids faces as they grab candies from the elders of the household.

Movie Marathon

If you are a bit old fashioned or just an avid follower of a horror movie series and prefer the good old horror movie marathon during November nights, you'll find your Branson log cabin well appointed because it has DVD player where you can watch all night. As its Halloween, you can also flick across TV channels at the living room or if you have a laptop with you, a variety of terrifying movies and movie clips are available in the internet that you can have access to by connecting to the free high speed wireless internet.

The Ozark Mountains truly has a lot to offer your whole family on Halloween. Whether you go out or stay in your Branson log cabin, you sure will have a blast.

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