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Spectacular Display of Lights during Christmas in Branson

Date: 2013-11-22 09:33:40 am

Spectacular Display of Lights during Christmas in Branson

Is there any other thing that makes a December more colorful than a Christmas light? In the eyes of a child, perhaps none. There is no doubt that this festive season is the most celebrated of all holidays. As the snow falls, excitement builds up. In the Ozark Mountains, Halloween decorations are immediately replaced by twinkling displays of lights and more, ready to welcome the Christmas season. A top tourist destination, a Christmas in Branson will take you to a magical land of lights this December.

The Ozark Mountains Christmas celebration is noted for its dazzling display of lights. Three beautifully lighted trails will take you to an enchanting ride around the beautiful mountains of the Ozarks that aglow with glittering Christmas ambience. At December, Branson is the place you need to be if you want to be dazzled by brilliant Christmas lights during the festive Christmas holidays. Christmas in Branson Logo

For more than 15 years now, the Shepherd of the Hills homestead has been lighting up the whole town during Christmas in Branson. Riding your car at a slow pace while driving through the 160-acre homestead will surely be a delighted experience for the whole family. The whole homestead is transformed to themed villages of fantasy, religion and patriotism. During the ride, life-sized three dimensional characters will be guiding you as you take your time marveling at the splendid displays with collective gasps. The Shepherd of the Hills also offer the chance to be inspired while taking a tour by going up to the 230 foot Inspiration Tower, Branson tallest Christmas tree by riding glass enclosed elevators. The full impact of the Ozarks vibrant Christmas colors can be seen from the top as the Inspiration tower offer a wide radius of Branson's blazing Christmas displays. If you prefer to tour with a large group, you can quack around these spectacular lighted trail by getting aboard Ride the Ducks, Branson's favorite tour ride.

Another early Christmas event that the Ozark Mountains is proud of is the Branson Area Festival of Lights.  From November 1 to January more than 5 million lights in 175 colorful displays will provide your whole household with a one-of-a-kind-family-experience. The Branson Hills Parkway turns into a captivating fairy-land of vivid colors with animated twelve days of Christmas displays, Santa Claus with his leaping reindeers, sailboats threading the still waters and most intimate Christmas adoration there is, the nativity scene.

Who doesn't love Silver Dollar City? This family oriented theme park is another reason why visitors travel 300 miles just to get to Branson. During Christmas in Branson, your favorite theme park will take you back in time through its Old Time Christmas theme. Over four million blazing lights will celebrate the joyous Christmas season with you classical portrayals of famous Christmas stories such as Charles Dicken's  ĎA Christmas Carol'. And since your beloved amusement park believes that every light holds a wish during this magical season, a musical five story special effects Christmas tree can be found at the center of the square where you will be very much welcome to utter a wish.

During Christmas, nothing makes the merry season merrier than glowing Christmas lights. Take your whole family to Missouri this Christmas and be amazed by millions of twinkling lights that are like stars that came down from the sky.

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