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Platinum Experience at Thousand Hills and the Cabins at Grand Mountain

Date: 2013-07-15 08:48:46 pm

Platinum Experience at Thousand Hills and the Cabins at Grand Mountain

Imagine being given a gift of first class value after being accommodated in an awesome place for your vacation. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? And do you know what they say about things being too good to be true? That it's probably not true at all! Have you ever experienced anything like it? Enjoyed every moment until it was proven false? Well not in Branson, Missouri. Thousand Hills' Platinum Experience may sound too good to be true, but its one great deal that is proven to be true.

platinum experience programThe Thousand Hills Golf Resort has been providing first class service to their clients for over 15 years. Located in the heart of Branson, Thousand Hills offer a beautiful home away from home for every vacationer who decides to stay with them. From their cozy log cabins, spacious condominiums and townhouses to their champion 18-hole golf course that is open for all golf enthusiasts, accessible and renowned amenities and the way they cater to business meetings and functions, Thousand Hills is a popular lodging in the Ozarks and with good reason. Their dedication in giving the best service to their visitors has taken them to the top.

And give the best service, they do. Thousand Hills Platinum Experience is an exclusive treat given to client with qualified reservations as a way of saying thank you for choosing the resort as a lodging place. When you make a reservation, group reservations not counted, to a two-bedroom or larger golf condo, lake condo or log cabin you get a platinum booklet filled with the hottest shows, attractions, restaurants, activities and more. Yes! You read that right. One booklet per qualified reservation will be given upon check in. Inside are 4 coupons in each category worth over $750. Designed for your enjoyment, the booklet will surely come in handy. You can make your reservation either by phone or internet from March to December to qualify for a platinum experience booklet. Unlike other lodging places, the book is given without charge to every qualified reservation as Thousand Hills knows you want to make the most of that hard-earned vacation dollar.

So how do you redeem such a treat? Simply follow the instruction for redemption on the coupon. You can do that by going directly to the vendor's location or ask the concierge for a voucher. However, the coupons can only be used during your current visit and will not be honored by the next time you go to Branson so be sure to choose the best Branson fun. You can use all the coupons but of course you will want to get the best of that extra treat. It is a complement of the resort, the booklet cannot be bought, traded or bartered and is only available at Thousand Hills.

By now, you should be wondering which attraction or show and what restaurant or activity the coupon can provide you with. Thousand Hills' special partners like Sight and Sound, Shoji Tabuchi, Pierce Arrow, The Presleys, Mickey Gilley, Mt Pleasant Winery, Vigilante Ziprider, Montana Mikes, Lone Star Grille and many, many more will answer to you and make your stay a vacation to remember.

Where else would you find lodging as accommodating and generous as Thousand Hills? While they keep you at home at their home they give a gift no other lodging places offer. Would you still say that it's too good to be true? Why not try it out and prove for yourself? Get a reservation, head to the Ozarks and experience a platinum experience at Thousand Hills and the Cabins at Grand Mountain!

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