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Photo shoots with the stars at the Hollywood Wax Museum

Date: 2013-11-07 02:57:35 am

Photo shoots with the stars at the Hollywood Wax Museum

Hollywood, Los Angeles City, California: home to the rich and famous. The place where talent, glamour and money collide! Any movie star fanatic would be delighted if presented with a way to see the famed stars that walked the red carpets of Hollywood. But did you know that a vacation to     California isn't the only way to meet your favorite movie stars? Branson attractions such as the Hollywood Wax Museum can actually give you the same.

The Hollywood Wax Museum is an inviting attraction along Highway 76 Strip. Since 1996 visitors of the Ozark Mountains has been lining up its doors just to see beautifully sculpted wax figures of their beloved motion picture idols. A great variety of exhibits of Hollywood icons, classic stars and top movies of all time can be seen during a 3-4 hour tour. Eager to find out whom you'll see where you can go and what you can do inside its galleries?  Read on!

The movie King Kong is a 2005 top grosser that was a remake from the original aired in 1933. Hollywood Wax Museum Logo While King Kong is just a fictional character who leads an epic adventure, it doesn't mean that you'll be deprived of the chance of seeing him. At the Hollywood Wax Museum, a 40 foot gargantuan figure of King Kong mimics the way the giant ape climbed a building in the movie. This Branson attraction will also marry you off to Johnny Deep, the actor who portrayed Jack Sparrow. There's a veil that you can wear beside a figure of Johnny Deep dressed in a white tuxedo.

Who wasn't caught by the futuristic plot of the movie Terminator? Do you actually think that you won't get the chance to see these innovative robots? Well, that's where you're mistaken! A trip to Branson's most visited museum will let you encounter the terminator himself Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his more advance counterpart, T-1000. The heartbreaking story of jack and Rose who boarded the historical Titanic ship still touch hearts up to these days. During your trip to the only wax museum in the Ozarks that focuses solely on celebrities, you will be greeted by the hero and heroine of from of the classic love story.

Is it possible to ride with a ghost the way Nicholas cage did in the movie Ghost Rider? Perhaps not in real life! But inside a Branson attraction you can. Despite the image of being indestructible and ruthless, Ghost Rider is actually a story of the sacrifice made by a motorcycle riding stuntman to save the one he loves. Be inspired by this heartwarming story as a wax image of Nicholas Cage with beside his motorcycle welcomes you to the Hollywood Wax Museum.

Does your kid dream of being a superhero? When you were his age, didn't you wish you were like Spider-man or Batman? At Branson's favored wax museum batman and his crew await your family's visit. Peter Parker, the writer who turned into Batman is also preparing for your arrival.

The stars have already invited but if you do visit them where else can they take you aside from Branson, Missouri?  Inside the Hollywood Wax Museum you can travel to the autumn of 1939, the Caribbean Islands, to the year 2029, sail aboard Titanic, and burn with the Ghost Rider and be with your favorite superheroes.

And how else will you be able to remember the happy moments you spent with your beloved Hollywood Stars? By taking a picture with them of course!  Be sure to take your camera and get ready for a photo shoot with the stars at the Hollywood Wax Museum.

You don't really have to be in California to make your dream come true. Head Midwest instead where Branson attractions such as Hollywood Wax Museum will let you mingle with the most loved stars of Hollywood in a day.

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