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It's Never Too Late To Be Veteran Oriented in Branson

Date: 2013-09-03 09:50:44 am

It's Never Too Late To Be Veteran Oriented in Branson 

"Patriotism is not short, frenzied outburst of emotion but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime." Adley Stevenson quoted.

Branson, Missouri, a year round destination packed with tourist for the entertainment and relaxation brought by its relaxing places to stay, amusing shows, great attractions, delectable home style restaurants, collection of shopping centers and fun outdoor activities. But did you know that this top vacation destination is the ‘Veterans Capital of the Nation'?  While on vacation, discover how many ways the Ozarks has to salute veterans in Branson.

One: The Veterans Memorial Museum.

Built to serve as a mark of respect for the veterans who fought for America's freedom during the chaotic times, the Veterans Memorial Museum accommodates 10 great halls of professionally displayed sculptures, murals, historical artifacts, letters sent by soldiers and object of d' arts. The most famous among the more than 2000 displays of relics from all of America's major wars beginning in the 20th century up to present times is the 70 foot life sized statues of 50 soldiers representing each state bearing the names of heroes killed during World War II. The compilation housed by the museum is collected by Fred Hoppe and is considered by the Veterans Task Force as one of the greatest tributes ever completed to honor America's veterans. You can also take your kids on a patriotic visit as 4 year olds and under are admitted for free.

Veteran's Memorial Museum Picture

Two: Veteran's Homecoming Week.

Celebrated every year from November 5th to 11th, Veterans Homecoming Week is America's largest Veterans Day celebration. Salute veterans in Branson by attending special events that showcase patriotism, free of charge. In the Ozarks you can have a vacation where you can eat, watch shows, play golf and shop with the patriots who live to ensure the country's liberty. Parades, reunions and benefit shows are conducted to let you commemorate independence with the men and women who strive to keep it as it is.

Three: Branson Fourth of July.

Don't expect a regular Fourth of July celebration when you happen to be in Branson on Independence Day. From June 30-July 06, patriotic shows, shopping sales and fireworks displays such as College of the Ozarks Honor America and Fireburst Fireworks Display will make the holiday a fourth of July committed to memory. Nibble on your barbeque while listening to live music as the sky aglow with a spectacular display of lights from Chateau on the Lake. Or you can bring your own chair, which is actually more advisable and watch the sky brighten with lights in varying colors.

Four: Military Reunions

A special way of honoring veterans in Branson is offering the veterans to unite in a place where they can enjoy the most.  And which place is better than the Live Entertainment Capital of the World? A nonprofit organization called Veterans event and reunion plans events for military reunion year round and free of charge.

For years, Branson has been a top destination for vacationers seeking enjoyment or the solitude in nature. But the Ozarks is more than just fun and entertainment. Spend a vacation swelling with pride for America by honoring and remembering the efforts and loyalty displayed by the veterans in Branson. You don't have to schedule your getaway on the month of July for the Ozarks celebrates Independence Day 365 days a year.

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