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How Odd Can a Museum Get?-Ripley's Believe it or Not?

Date: 2013-11-14 06:49:29 am

How Odd Can a Museum Get?-Ripley's Believe it or Not?

"I make a living out of the fact that truth is stranger than fiction"-Robert Ripley, the cartoonist and traveler used to say. And with this belief he created a compilation of the most curious oddities that can be found in a Branson Museum where you can decide if you Believe it or not! On the strip just a few blocks from The Cabins at Grand Mountain, a 12, 000 square foot building will catch your attention.

The strongest earthquake that happened in 1812 occurred in New, Madrid Missouri that registered as 8.0 on the Richter scale. This made the Mississippi river run backwards for three days and even made the church bells ring in Philadelphia. Ripley's Believe it or not museum building in Branson that is located along the famous Highway 76 Strip represents this strange event with a bizarre cracked apart building. The building might be the first thing that will lure you to enter Ripley's but the real attraction await you inside where you'll find 400 exhibits of rarities divided in seven galleries.

How tall are you? Average perhaps. Like 5'4 to a little over 6 feet. You might be considering basketball stars as gifted when it comes to height. But did you know that once there was a man who reached 8 feet and 11? Surprising isn't it? You can stand beside a life sized replica of the tallest man ever who goes by the name of Robert Wadlow and you sure will forget about how tall your favorite NBA star is.

Vampire Killing Kit Logo

Who's not afraid of a blood sucking vampire? Bet that when you were a kid, you'll scream at night after watching a vampire horror movie. Now that you've grown up, how would you like to kill one with an 1840's kit from Transylvania? Inside the museum, you will find a genuine vampire killing kits in pretty little boxes where silver bullets, wooden daggers and anti-vampire potions that you'll surely want to try out to discover which version of the myth is true.

What Robert Ripley called as a prank of nature, a two headed calf will welcome you to some barn oddities if you go inside this Branson museum. While most of animals born with two heads die right after birth, the one that is featured in Ripley's lived for a few months.

How about a ball of twine that you can never hold in one hand? At Ripley's Believe it or not, you will be awestruck by one of this world's largest twine balls. The other three of these three items can be found in Kansas, Minnesota and Wisconsin. So when you're in Missouri, get inside Ripley's and touch one of this world's largest ball of twine that will have to require the staff to take off the roof of the building to get it out.

Shrunken human heads may sound a bit gross to you but in the old times, there are tribes in South America that would take the heads of their fallen enemies, peel off the skin and shrink the heads into the size of a fist. You can test the skill of your stomach as you go through a few exhibits of shrunken human heads at Ripley's.

Are you ready for a day filled with expressions of disbelief and awe such as "Oh, wow" and "Unbelievable"? Take a tour inside a Branson Museum that will make your jaws drop and eyes widen with a variety of peculiar assortments. And since Ripley's believe it or not museum allows photographs, be always ready for a few camera clicks. Be educated in a completely fun and interactive way while you roam around a museum that housed this world's most inhuman eccentricities.

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