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Holidays You Will Enjoy Spending this fall in Branson

Date: 2013-10-12 07:45:02 pm

Holidays You Will Enjoy Spending this fall in Branson

Gorgeous autumn foliage plus a holiday at the Live Entertainment Capital of the World! What more could you possibly ask for from an equinox vacation in Las Vegas of the Midwest? From the bountiful Thanksgiving to the spooky Halloween and restful Labor Day in Branson Logo Labor Day weekends, there's no reason not to spend money on a family getaway this fall in Branson. You could have gone to the Las Vegas of the Midwest during the summer to celebrate Fourth of July where the green outdoors is an added treat or during the cold winter to spend Christmas watching live shows where the snowy surroundings is calming, but this autumn season, the vibrant backdrop will lure you to spend every available day off in the Ozark Mountains.

Vivid explosion of colors from every tree, cool crisp weather, a cup of hot chocolate, boots and comfy sweaters, bonfires, short days and long nights, harvest, football and all the things associated with the most beautiful season. But wait there's more. There are the relaxing holidays such as Thanksgiving, Halloween and Labor Day that you can celebrate along with nature as it displays it most captivating colors. Why not do that in the Ozark Mountains where you can add watching a show, attending a festival, cruising the lakes, hiking the mountains, zip lining, riding a hot air balloon, visiting a fall themed attraction, shopping for warmer clothes and eating Ozark specialties to the pile?

A day of giving thanks for a whole year's harvest is commemorated every November. In the midst of all the fun during fall in Branson, you may think that this special day is unnoticed. That is where you're wrong since Thanksgiving is actually one of the most anticipated holidays in the Ozark Mountains. Restaurants around the Ozarks such prepare the best baked turkeys in the Midwest that you can savor as it's always cooked by skilled chefs. For a Thanksgiving feast you can choose among Andy Williams Moon River Grill, Chateau on the Lake, Denny's, Grand Country Buffet, College of the Ozarks and many more. After a filling meal why not sit back, relax and enjoy the view of the vibrant shoreline while sailing on the pristine waters of the lakes?

How could a creepy event be happy? Perhaps the foliage has something to do with it. But, the costumes, candies, pumpkins and haunted attractions could also be the reason why? In the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, the most frightening night is a joyous event therefore making it a Happy Halloween. During the cool evenings and after a day of zip lining above the changing colors of leaves of the trees at the hilltops and hovering above shorelines and mountainsides aboard a hot air balloon, you could dress up as a vampire or a lost Disney character and head to shopping centers and Halloween themed attractions for a Boo-tacular night filled with games and treats.

The Ozark Mountains is a carpet of flamboyant yellow, orange and red colors during fall in Branson, a beauty that is best seen through hiking. After a challenging yet fulfilling morning at the mountains, why don't you unwind during the afternoons by going on a picnic and watching the sky explode with fireworks? Or you could watch an autumn show, visit an attraction such as the Branson Mill Craft Village and hunt for bargains at shopping centers.

The foliage is a pleasing to the eye but during fall in Branson, there is more than just the enchanting colors of autumn. Spend the Thanksgiving, Halloween and Labor Day weekends in the Ozark Mountains to relax, feast your eyes on the beauty of nature and rejuvenate. Happy Holidays!

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