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Geocaching Areas near your Branson Condo

Date: 2014-01-03 12:45:21 pm

Geocaching Areas near your Branson Condo

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Branson offers a multitude of outdoor activities. Have you heard about geocaching? It is a real world, outdoor treasure hunting game using Global Positioning System (GPS) enabled device where players navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at a particular location. In layman's term, it is a high-tech version of hide and seeks / scavengers hunt, where you can explore the outdoors in search of a hidden treasure and adventure. It is where the digital world and physical world come together to create a unique type of treasure hunt. Sounds fun, right?

Branson, MO lays claim to the title, "The Live Music Show Capital of the World" and just outside of town, the Ozarks offer fishing, hiking, biking, and particularly in the Branson Lakes area, the specialty sport of geochaching while at your stay at the Branson Condos Geocaching started in May 2000 and the Dewey Bald Cache, a very popular cache, was placed in March 2002, which is frequently visited by many geocaching visitors in the Branson area. Participants get the GPS coordinates from the website and record their visit there. Some caching games have prizes inside of the caches while others have codes you can turn in for rewards.

Treasures (cache) are placed where physical activity is encouraged such as hiking trails. Cache is to be found in the woods off the trail where it can be handled without being seen from the trail path. The Dewey Bald Trail is the shortest of the several trails located in the Henning Conservation Area, which consists of 1,534 acres along Highway 76 just Northwest of Branson owned by the State of Missouri and operated under the Department of Conservation. The other trails are vast and to some extent more complicated to steer.

A wide range of challenges can be applied in geocaching. There's the evident physical dare of a long hike out in the middle of the woods to retrieve a cache and the stealth challenge of looking for an urban cache without being spotted by non-cachers. It requires the seekers to work a puzzle, crack a code, or get to the bottom of the mystery before finding the cache.  Geocaching can be done all year round and geocache owners will advise whether or not their cache in winter friendly.

You will be amazed on all the terrain and wildlife you will see while geocaching.  Bring the whole family or your friends who also geocache so you can have more fun, as well as making it easier if you go geocaching with the group. So unplug with your family and friends for a couple of hours and give geocaching a try. You may discover neat places that you never knew existed and have a wholesome adventure at the same time. But always be aware of all potential dangers and think it all out ahead of time to make it a fun and safe adventure that you will never forget.

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