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Free Tours of Shepherd of the Hills Hatchery

Date: 2013-11-10 12:54:30 pm

Free Tours of Shepherd of the Hills Hatchery

The best things in life are free. Free hugs, free advice, the beauty of sunrise and the splendor of sunset. At night there's the stars that you only need to look up to and remember good manners cost nothing. How about a free tour during a vacation? That will be taken care of by a free Branson fun called Shepherd of the Hills Hatchery. Shepherd of the Hills Logo Shepherd of Hills Hatchery is Missouri largest trout rearing facility. It is one of the trout production areas in the Midwest responsible for supplying catchable rainbow and brown colored trout that are later released at the cold yet clean waters of Lake Taneycomo, one of the most beautiful lakes in the Ozark Mountains. The hatchery that is located just below Table Rock Dam, another Branson attraction worth visiting can produce up to 1, 125, 000 trout annually that can weigh up to 301, 000 pounds. Lake Taneycomo receives a total of 700, 000 catchable trout from different rearing facilities dedicated to meet the conservation department's management requirements. The facility produces eggs and fingerlings which turn into large trout that fishermen and water enthusiast vacationing in Branson can catch at Lake Taneycomo.

Everything about the life of a trout whether brown or rainbow colored begins at Shepherd of the Hills. The most vital of all the stages of these fishes life is the egg incubation because the correct amount of temperature is required. The next stage this free Branson fun responsible for is the early rearing of trout. Early tending of newly hatch trout, intermediate and final rearing also happen at Shepherd of the Hills wide raceways.

So what could be so exciting about this place that made it popular in Branson except that it is the reason you can fish in Lake Taneycomo like a pro? At Shepherd of the Hills Hatchery you can experience a guided or self guide tour, take photos, discover the life of a trout, watch a movie, buy a fishing permit and enjoy craft exhibits all completely free of charge. As you walk through the lobby, you will be handed with pamphlets. The guides are very knowledgeable and eager to answer to all your queries. If you prefer to tour on your own you are always welcome to approach one if you have questions. The hatchery also allows cameras inside so you can click your digital camera anytime you spot a great view of this free Branson fun. Discover the life of a trout from egg until it's cooked either from the tour, the guides or by watching a 12 minute movie.  The hatchery also sells fishing permits because fishing at Branson lakes requires one. During the weekends, child friendly exhibits are open to entertain your little darlings.

Would you like to feed the fish? Your vacation dollar won't suffer! For 25 cents you can go to the outdoor area to see and feed the fish. And if you think trout is the only animals you'll see, that is where you're wrong. The hatchery has snakes, tarantulas and a turtle that are about as interesting as the fishes.

The Live Entertainment Capital of the World really has free Branson fun activities that a whole family can enjoy. At the 200 acre Shepherd of the Hills alone, you get to see, feed and learn about trout while watching them swim in large aquariums. 

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