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Feel the Luxury of the Royal Life While Having a Majestic Stay in the Branson Queen Suites

Date: 2014-01-11 04:44:52 pm

Feel the Luxury of the Royal Life While Having a Majestic Stay in the Branson Queen Suites

One of the greatest dreams of the commoners is to feel the luxury of being a Royal. To feel and experience the life of someone living in a castle, with guards, a luxurious long table and a grand bedroom with an enormous and royal bed. To live the life of Majesty, noble King and Queen. Truly, there is nothing wrong with that, as they always say; dreams are for free so always dream big.

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You don't have to wait any longer because in Branson, this dream will become a reality. In the heart of the Ozark Mountain at the Thousand Hills Resort area, there is a majestic place that will truly make your dream come true.Branson Queen Suites especially built for 2 guests, of course for privacy and romance. The suite is equipped with a grand queen size bed, pillow top mattress, top of the line beddings and assorted pillows of your choice. There is also a comfortable and cozy personal sized sofa sleeper for relaxation while watching a movie or your favorite television shows.

Speaking of television shows and movies, the luxurious Branson Queen Suites also furnished with enormous flat screen televisions with cable channels so you and your loved one will have a bonding time together and watch movies on HBO. The internet access is free, that means you can browse the internet anytime you want. Aside from browsing, you can also watch movies if you don't feel like watching from a television. Or if you do not have a laptop, computer or a Tablet to use your internet access, you can watch movies as well all the way from a DVD player courtesy of Branson Queen Suites. What a perfect and grand way to spend your lazy day or romantic night with your sweetheart, right? Wait, there's more! The private bathroom is so spacious and it has a walk-in shower.

The kitchen is so amazing and complete with all the cooking utensils; you will surely have a great time cooking a luscious and healthy meal with your partner. From big appliances like the refrigerator and dishwasher, to the small appliances like blender for your fruit shakes and sweet desserts, a coffeemaker for your perfect breakfast in bed and a toaster for your bread to blend with you coffee. Different kinds of glassware and various flatwares are also available for your complete grand Royal holiday. If you want to prepare roasted meals such as chicken to delight the apple of your eyes, the microwave is oh, so ready anytime.

What are you waiting for? Head on the phone and reserve a magnificent Branson Queen Suite and surprise the love of your life. Do not think twice because there will never be any other chance to taste the pleasure of being a royalty and live the royal dream. The Thousand Hills Golf Resort truly is magical and makes your dream come true, though you do not have to wish upon a star.

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