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Ever Heard of a Romantic Halloween? This fall in Branson, You Will

Date: 2013-09-27 08:51:33 am

Ever Heard of a Romantic Halloween? This fall in Branson, You Will

As creepy as it might sound, Halloween can also be a romantic time for couples to spend a vacation during the vibrant fall in Branson, the Live Entertainment capital of the World. The lively colors of nature may not coincide with the frightening spirit of Halloween but for a loving heart, there's not a holiday or a season where you can't show your partner how much you treasure and value them. The Ozark Mountains promises a dazzling display of colors each equinox and whichever part of the Las Vegas of the Midwest you choose to spend your time at, whether it's in the unspoiled lakeshores, colorful mountainsides or challenging hiking trails, you are in for an eye feast. But then why, should you bring your significant other to the gorgeous Ozarks during Halloween?

Halloween parties are a common thing during the creepy night of ghost, cobwebs, candles and pumpkins. Why not attend one and bring some treats that you can distribute to children who beg for candies and sweets. To make it more exciting, you and your sweetheart can dress up in matching costumes Branson Halloween Couple Logoand stroll Branson streets, attractions or malls with a bag or basket of candies in hand. You could pick a matching superhero costumes which sure will attract kids, a biker couple inspired get-up which would only require fake tattoos, boots and Harley Davidson tee-shirt, smear red dye on your clothes and spread lipstick so you both look like hungry vampires or dress up as a lost Disney couple.

Fall in Branson isn't only about the dazzling beauty of the changing colors of the leaves of the trees that grow in the Ozark Mountains. Autumn in the Ozarks is also about the Halloween themed attractions that vacationers can visit. You may think that Halloween games, haunted hayrides, Jack-o-lantern carving contest and visiting pumpkin patches are activities that's exclusively for kids but in the Las Vegas of the Midwest such activities can also be enjoyed by a couple. Imagine competing with your other half in a bobbing for apple game or riding haunted hayrides where you could spend most of your time actually hugging each other rather than paying attention to the creepy hayride. Or you could also hold a 2 people contest on who can carve a scary looking jack-o-lantern on which the reward of the winner can be a kiss or a hug.

Of course, when you plan a romantic Halloween getaway during fall in Branson, you will require a lodge. What's a better option than a Branson log cabin in the rolling foothills of the Ozark Mountains where you can feast your eyes on the gorgeous fall leaves and fill your lungs with the smell of the colorful leaves every morning? This cozy cabin is also a great place to lazy around during the spooky Halloween where you and your partner can watch horror films all night while cuddling in the queen sized sleeper sofa at the living room, bake Halloween inspired cookies and prepare bloody yet delicious refreshments at the fully furnished kitchen or just snuggle close to each other until midnight at the king size bed while sharing terrifying childhood stories narrated to you by your grandparents when you were still little and believed in vampires, werewolves and witches.

Indeed, fall in Branson is a magnificent season for a couple to spend a vacation. It's the time of the year where you and your better half can enjoy the scenery and the creepy activities around the Ozark Mountains. So what are you waiting for? You might not have heard of a romantic Halloween before but this autumn in the Midwest, you will experience one.

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