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Dogwood Canyon is a Photographer's Delight during fall in Branson

Date: 2013-10-05 08:03:30 pm

Dogwood Canyon is a Photographer's Delight during fall in Branson

Photography is the art of capturing the beauty of a place or a moment so you can store it in a photo, thus having a tangible thing to remember that moment by. This is why bringing a camera when going for a vacation is necessary. One of the most colorful seasons where you should schedule a family vacation in the Ozark Mountains is during autumn when the whole town explodes in dazzling colors. You may have loved the green outdoors during the summer, this fall in Branson, fall harder in love with Dogwood Canyon Nature Park Dogwood Canyon Nature Park Logo, one of the Ozarks most trekked hiking trails as it turns into a photographer's delight during the equinox.

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is a year round vacation destination in the Ozark Mountains that vacationers love for it's a 100,000 acre unspoiled landscape where your whole family can hike, ride on a horseback, fish, bike, dine, picnic or take a tour. During the fall season, you can enjoy all these with the glowing nature park as a backdrop as the trees that grow in the park change the colors of their leaves into dazzling yellow, orange and red. Pack up your hiking boots and take your camera along with you as you are about to discover how beautiful Dogwood Canyon Nature Park turns into in the autumn.

One of the prides of the nature park is its spring fed streams where rainbow trout fishing is allowed. While waiting for a hungry fish to grab your bait could be long, you won't be bored for you can be entertained the whole time just by looking at the trees around you. Perhaps you won't even notice that a colorful trout has already taken your bait until it wiggles free. Or while waiting, you can look at the way the flamboyant colors of the trees are reflected in the clear waters.

Another thing that makes Dogwood Canyon Nature Park a mesmerizing attraction during fall in Branson is the waterfalls where you can spend a day looking at the rush of waters. You might have been so tired and sweaty from walking the whole trail but once you got to the waterfalls, all your weariness will fade away because the view of the Thunder Falls with a backdrop of vibrant colors from the trees will astound you.

Aside from hiking, you are also allowed to bring a picnic basket when you visit Dogwood Canyon.  Pick the best area you can find, lay a mat and bring out all of the food you brought. After eating you can take photos of yourselves under the trees, beside the streams, at the waterfalls or you might want to snap a photo or two while munching a sandwich under the shade of the colorful leaves.

Biking, horseback riding and Jeep tours are another way to see the scenic beauty of Dogwood Canyon Nature Park during fall in Branson. You can bring your own bike or rent one and enjoy a family bike ride at the trail. Or if you'd rather ride a horse, you can ride one and explore the park. If you prefer a more comfortable ride, you can get aboard the Jeep Safari as it makes it journey through yellow, orange and red leaves while the park is at its autumn transition.

There is a majority of activities you can enjoy at Dogwood Canyon Nature Park during fall in Branson. Be sure to have your camera on ready as every moment you make with your family is guaranteed to have a vivid backdrop.

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