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Create Your Own Love Story in the Branson's Scenic Railway

Date: 2014-01-22 05:13:00 pm

Create Your Own Love Story in the Branson's Scenic Railway

Romantic Date at the Branson Scenic Railway Logo

While Valentine season is very much approaching, you might want to spend a romantic trip with Branson Scenic Railway. Try to experience the most exciting train ride of your life. Branson Scenic Railway travel is a perfect place to experience the unforgettable moments of your train excursion tour in Branson. This train travel is ideal for romantic couples who want to escape from their worries back home. Branson Scenic Railway travels around the majestic settings of the Ozark Mountains.

The name of Branson Scenic Railway emerged after the completion of the construction of the White River Railway in 1905. The cost of the construction of the railroad amounted to $12 million that covered 239 miles of track. The railroad traversed through the Ozark Mountain's rugged terrain, wooded valleys and forested areas. During the construction of the railroad, tresties supporting gorges were built and mountain rocks were blasted to create tunnels.

As early as 1882, the name Branson came into existence when Reuben S. Branson moved to Roark Creek and the White River (now known as Lake Taneycomo). Branson City flourished after the arrival of the railroad in 1902 and the area became accessible to people by train travel.

Branson Scenic Railway started its train excursions in 1993 daily and used commercial railroad line for tourists who wanted to take a train ride. The route of the train is determined before departure that either go north or south. The northern route travels as far as Galena Missouri and the southern route travels as far as Arkansas. A narrator inside the train tells the story of the history of the train and points out the communities as the train passes and describes the points of interest of in the area. As the train travels, you will still see original tresties and tunnels in southwest Missouri.

Today, railroad tour excursions run 3 to 4 times daily on a 40 mile roundtrip. The tour takes its passengers to the Ozark Mountains, viewing mountainous spots inaccessible by cars. The railroad tour excursions take an hour and 45 minutes. The interesting history of the railroad in the Ozark Mountain is narrated by the train conductor as the train travels. The old-fashioned way train travel will be experienced in Branson Scenic Railway as locomotives and the rail cars were restored its old glory. Tourists who have not experienced a train ride are encouraged to join the train excursion so they can enjoy the panoramic view of the natural scenery of the Ozarks.

When you take a train ride with Branson Scenic Railway, you can sit back and relax while viewing the beautiful scenery. As the train travels, you can enjoy viewing the wildlife of the Ozark Mountains. All in all, as the train excursion tour heads across the downtown area you can have a great view of exciting attractions, entertainment spots and various theaters at the heart of Branson.

So, if you want to experience a wonderful and magnificent train travel tour, book now your Branson Scenic Railway tour.

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