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Christmas shows that you should Watch While Celebrating the Season in a Cabin in Branson

Date: 2013-11-30 06:41:41 pm

Christmas shows that you should Watch While Celebrating the Season in a Cabin in Branson

Christmas season in Branson is a must for all tourists who are planning to visit Branson! Especially in Ozark Mountain country, this place is irresistible, with your festive moods especially on Christmas Day, the nativity of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  It will surely be a memorable home, away from home at Thousand Hills resort. You could choose to stay in one of Branson log cabins or high-end condominiums. The Cabin in Branson is definitely irresistible.

Christmas shows are being lined up to cater to the demands of the anxious and excited tourists are as follows:


Festival of Lights in Branson

This festive mood usually starts on November 1 and ends on January 2. As you arrived on these particular dates, you would surely feel the spirit of Christmas, especially during the night, where different colors of lights, Christmas lighted decors, lanterns, and other Christmas goodies brighten the whole of Branson, from small restaurants to bars, houses of resident owners to high-end hotels and apartments, and even the bars and retail stores to big malls and everything! It just boils to your mind that the festive is coming and the spirit is there. To get a feel of its Christmas lights and display attraction, a brisk walk is recommended or if not, takes your car and you could see all the Ozark Mountain country full of lights!

Santa's Workshop Logo 

Branson's Santa's Workshop

If you brought along with you your kids, they will enjoy it so much as they will savor to make or assemble in themselves alone to fabricate a small Santa Claus and hang in for themselves to the trees abounding in Branson. The kids will be proud for their little achievement or they could take along with them their artwork. Some personnel are assigned in this place to assist and accommodate them kindly, with tips on how to fabricate a Santa Claus using indigenous or light materials. This is located in downtown Branson.

Christmas Music

If you travel during Christmas to Branson, you will have the pleasure to meet the most popular entertainer, Mr. Christmas himself, no other than the world-renowned Mr. Andy Williams. He will soothe you with his top hits old Christmas songs. Another Branson favorite is Tony Orlando, giving top entertainment show with his song carols. A pageant is usually played depicting the birth of Christ, with live animals on stage.

Showing in 2013, The Miracle of Christmas brings the story of Christmas to life for you on the beautiful stage at the Sight & Sound Theatres through an interactive experience filled with sensory immersion.

The Trail of Lights at Shepherd of the Hills

This is located west of Branson and if you are driving with your car, you should not miss going up, at the Top of the Inspiration tower, to savor the beauty of the Christmas lights decorated all over Branson. While in this place, you would be able to drop buying small gift items or take a sip of hot chocolate.

 Miracle of Christmas at Sight and Sounds Theater

This is a must for the tourist to see for himself the story of Christmas. It is a play or pageant from the time Jesus was conceived from Mary, up to His birth, reliving the Lord's birth. The actors ‘costumes and the setting is almost perfect. Live animals like camels, and an indigenous light from the time Joseph and Mary look for a house to deliver their child, up to a manger of sheep where the son of God was delivered. Really, it is a perfect show and this would really add to the completeness of you Christmas holiday vacation if you will see the show. If you are bringing with you your children, they will greatly appreciate the show and it would be as important and meaningful for what Christmas is all about.

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