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Celebrate Veteran's Day this fall in Branson

Date: 2013-11-02 05:00:00 am

Celebrate Veteran's Day this fall in Branson

Don't you love how the sun shines through the gorgeous canopy of leaves during the autumn? How lovely would it be to celebrate the cool crisp days? The weather is just perfect for a cruise on the lake, a hike on the mountains, a nature walk with the ones you value the most, attend a festival or a picnic by the river or at a stream.  Furthermore, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Labor Day are also commemorated. But did you know that during fall in Branson, ranked as third of the most frequented tourist destinations in the United States, Veterans Day Veterans Day During Fall in Branson Logo

is also celebrated and not just for a single day or a weekend but for a whole week.

Branson, Missouri, the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. The place that you will probably first think of when you want to escape from all the anxiety of everyday life. Bounded by nature and full of city life, the little town deserves its other name, Las Vegas of the Midwest. Branson is just the perfect place to relax, unwind and rejuvenate. Wouldn't you agree that fall in the Ozark Mountains is a gorgeous explosion of dazzling colors? Isn't the mountains and lakeshores a sight to behold with the vibrant hues of yellow, orange and red from the leaves of the trees? So why not add up Veteran's Day on your list of most spent holidays in the Ozarks?

For 365 days a year, the men and women who fought for America's freedom are remembered in the Ozark Mountains. Parades are done throughout the year and certain attractions such as the Veteran's Memorial Museum are visited by many Ozark vacationers. For a whole week, November 5-11, just when the foliage is as its best, you can participate in commemorating the Veterans Day in Branson. Whether your choose to see the beauty of fall in Branson from the windows of Ozark restaurants, spend a day shopping for warm autumn clothes or browse downtown for crafts that you can take home as mementos, you can still be patriotic for veterans are honored all around Branson.

The College of the Ozarks is known to many as the hard Work University due to its unique offer to its students. The students shall work for the college's restaurant, a diner that serves luscious Ozark meals to compensate for their free tuition. Fair enough, right? But did you know that these hardworking students are also patriotic? During the veteran's week, you can join the veterans and their families reminisce the chaotic days at a traveling memorial called Remembering Our Fallen, a Vietnam Veteran Thank You Reception, and a special show called Four Star Country Boy, WWII Mini Reunion, Patriotic Convocation and Tree Dedication at Veterans Grove.

Shopping is also a great way to spend the cool crisp autumn days. During fall in Branson, you will find that comfy sweaters and hiking boots are a must for evening walks along the shores and hiking are great ways to see the beautiful foliage. While hunting for great deals at mall outlets, you can actually be entertained and get to see veterans in the flesh. Or if you preferred bargain hunting at Downtown Branson, then you can join the parade at 11 am that's dedicated to the heroes of America.

Fall in Branson, one of America's top tourist destinations is such a great time for celebrations. But it also is the time to be proud of your American heritage. Isn't it good to know that while you can feast your eyes upon the foliage, you can still be a proud American? Schedule a visit then this equinox to the Ozark Mountains and celebrate veterans week in Branson, Missouri.

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