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Celebrate Thanksgiving in a Branson Cabin this fall at the Grand Mountain

Date: 2013-09-23 08:21:50 pm

Celebrate Thanksgiving in a Branson Cabin this fall at the Grand Mountain

A day in the country during the gorgeous fall season is worth a month in the city. But do you really have to go to the countryside to see the beauty of the autumn season? What if you could enjoy all the fun filled activities of a city yet still be in solitude with nature while it's in the midst of a dazzling display of colors? Would you miss the chance to experience both worlds? And since fall is the time for harvest, how would you love to prepare a Thanksgiving meal in a restaurant worthy kitchen or grab a taste of a baked turkey especially prepared by skilled chefs? By staying in a Branson cabin at the Grand Mountain you can do all of that.

Located at the Grand Mountain at Thousand Hills golf resort are cozy cabins that are number one options for Ozark vacationers who choose to spend every available holiday at the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. These cabins are built along the gentle slopes of the Ozark Mountains thus settled in a wooded setting with the trees secluding it from all the noise and rush of city life. These cabins are made of logs which make it rustic but you'd be surprised of what you'll find inside. It may look rustic outside but Thousand Hills' cabins can actually complete with the best hotels in the Ozarks in terms of amenities.

After a spooky Halloween weekend comes Thanksgiving. Celebrating it at home could be a happy moment but celebrating the day dedicated to commemorate a good harvest inside a homey Branson cabin in a setting bound by the beautiful colors of fall is pure bliss. With the dazzling view from the patio, the chance to spend a thanksgiving picnic under a canopy of changing leaves, the opportunity to cook a special Thanksgiving meal Thanksgiving Dinner and the cabins nearness to Branson restaurants where you can devour a skillfully cooked turkey should you prefer to eat out, there is no reason why you should not celebrate the most beautiful time of the year commemorating a bountiful harvest inside a cabin at the Grand Mountain.

Autumn nights are cold. How about waiting for sleep by sipping a hot cup of chocolate in front of a blazing gas fireplace and watching a late night TV show? Or during Thanksgiving evening after watching an autumn show or visiting a fall themed attraction, you could prepare your own version of Thanksgiving meal inside the fully equipped kitchen. Perhaps you could roast a turkey and served it at the spacious dining area where you could savor it later. Of course it's autumn, the time of the year where pumpkin grow in large sizes making it another highlight at the table. You could always make a pumpkin pie out of it. And since your cabin is fully equipped with everything you need, you can prepare some hot chocolates that you can enjoy later. And of course for side dishes, you could always lay some bread rolls, cornbread, salad and turnips on the dining table.

Should you fancy to go directly to the comforts of your king size bed inside the spacious bedroom of your Branson cabin after hiking the mountains and cruising the lakes of the Ozark Mountains to see it captivating kaleidoscope of colors up close, there always a variety of Ozark restaurants where you could devour a luscious Thanksgiving meal.

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