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Branson's Magical Shows for Both Young and Old

Date: 2013-10-01 01:58:05 pm

Branson's Magical Shows for Both Young and Old

Branson, Missouri is truly a remarkable place for a family vacation! But did you know that the Live Entertainment Capital of the World is also magical? In fact Branson's magical shows are entertaining shows that is fun for all ages. If you don't have an idea just which of the one hundred plus live shows in Branson is performed with a dose of magic, here's a list you don't want to miss on your next Branson getaway.

The Magic and Comedy of Taylor Reed

Are you excited for the snow only a winter season can bring? At the Magic Show and Comedy of Taylor Reed, it will snow in the summer. It's quite an impossible trick to think about but that's one of the many magical illusions that made the show a must see. Recognize by Branson Top Ten as Absolutely the Best Magic Show in Branson, Taylor Reed will keep you thinking just how he does all his tricks. For instance, can you think of how a magician can spin a girl's head and twist her body? Can a motorcycle really appear out of thin air? Can you move through solid metal? Taylor can! Can you imagine a person crawling through the torso of another human? You don't have to because you can see Taylor do just that by watching his show! Taylor Reed has been amusing vacationers to Missouri for 8 years and will exceed all your expectations. Everyone in the family will be impressed by the dazzling costumes, music and impressive magic that make the show beyond amazing.

How about the theater itself? The Branson magical show is enchanting, but so does the theater. It has main stage where Reed performs his spectacular skills, a magic shop, a VIP backstage tour and a magic workshop. The workshop has an Academy of Magic where you can learn how to make your own tricks. And there's also Imagication where your children will learn how subjects in school such as Math, Science and Physics can create illusions.

Kirby VanBurch Show

Magic Show Logo

How about a few hours of paranormal fun with the Prince of Magic and international award winning magician, Kirby VanBurch? You probably have watched other magicians cut their assistants in half before. Kirby does this with a twist by cutting not one but two assistants in half and switching their bodies! Yes, switching! That for one, is surely something that you'd like to see. How about a trip to the wilds with just your eyes looking at a stage? At Kirby VanBurch show, the biggest cats of the wilds such as a tiger, leopard, lion and cheetah will appear and disappear before your very eyes. Have you ever dreamt of seeing a mythical unicorn? You will see one with a majestic beauty at the Kirby Vanburch Theater.  After the Branson magical show, treat your kid with a stuff animal that will serve as memento of the magical time your family spent in the Ozarks.

Hamner Barber Variety Show

Ventriloquism is a talent but when it's done with a bit of creative comedy, it can be hilarious. At the Hamner and Barber Variety Show there is never a minute of boredom as talented dancers; music, magical illusion and laughter make your day! Watch exotic birds do crazy tricks as they appear and disappear from the stage. Hamner and Barber Variety Show is definitely the perfect combination of magic, songs and ventriloquism.

Magical shows are, sure enough just illusion done with fast hands and awesome tricks. You might not believe in anything uncanny, or bizarre or unrealistic but by now, you do believe that a Branson magical show is a sidesplitting and mystic performance perfect for 8 to 80 year olds.

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