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Branson Lakes-Top Tourist Attractions

Date: 2013-09-10 10:47:49 am

Branson Lakes-Top Tourist Attractions

Nearly 8 million visitors travel to Branson, Missouri every year. You may be right in thinking that the Live Entertainment Capital of the World is appealing to families, couples, business associates and friends alike because its theaters that showcased over a hundred live shows. Aside from that the Ozarks has its museums, amusement parks, restaurants and shopping centers to be proud of. But the Midwest also prides itself with Branson lakes that attracts tourist to visit year-round.

Boating, fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, Para sailing, water skiing, sightseeing, hunting, picnics, sunbathing, hiking, and lake cruise and water rides. All of these are available in Branson. From the pristine waters of Table Rock, the unspoiled beauty of Bull Shoals and the abundant waters of Lake Taneycomo, the Ozark Mountains have everything you want when it comes to fun in the waters. Branson Lakes (Table Rock lake photo)

Boating, a top stress reliever has been a popular past time for Americans for years. In Branson lakes, you will be amazed by spectacular views as you coast along the smooth waters. In the fall, the red and gold foliage will lure you to coast along Lake Taneycomo, one of America's most spectacular Fall Foliage cruise areas. Who wouldn't love the anticipation and excitement brought by fishing? You for one will surely be delighted when you catch a brown or rainbow colored trout from Lake Taneycomo. How about casting a bait to entrap a bass, crappie, bluegill or catfish? At Bull Shoals and Table Rock Lake, you will not have to wait long to get hold of a capture.

If you fancy a splashtacular ride or a dive on the crystal blue waters, the serene beauty of Table Rock, Bull Shoals and Lake Taneycomo welcome you to take advantage of their attractiveness as you skim or probe the depths. Grab an air tank, dive and discover the magnificence of the Ozark's famous lakes. You can also rent a kayak and race with your other half, kids or friends with the beautiful skies above you. However, if you are in favor of a more thrilling ride, say skim the lake waters at 20-40 miles per hour. Water Skiing is a common pastime for water enthusiast in who visit Branson as it provides excitement. Another exhilarating water ride that vacationers go in Branson for is parasailing. Show off your skills in navigation as you sail at a speedy pace and be treated with a view of the surrounding Branson attractions.

When you're on vacation, you wouldn't let go of the chance to sightsee. Just a few hours spent at Branson lake areas will give you a clue as to why tourist gathers on the shores. For the born hunter, being able to hunt around these beautiful lakes is an indulgence. Piece of advice, when you plan to visit these lakes take a picnic basket or a tanning lotion with you. Enjoy the view of Table Rock lake as you sit by a picnic cloth and munch good food or lie comfortably while the sun shines from the sky.

How about a cruise aboard a paddle wheeler or a tour with a ducks view of the Ozarks? Step inside Showboat Branson Belle or Ride the Ducks and get more than your dollars worth. A show, delicious meal and an educational journey along Table Rock is a luxury you can't miss.

8 million visitors! You can only imagine how large a crowd that is. But Branson lakes large areas of shoreline and unspoiled waters can cater to each individual vacationer's preference. And whether you believe it or not, these 3 equally attractive lakes are the result of man's effort to control flood and nature's generosity towards its inhabitants.

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