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Branson IMAX Festival for your Winter in Branson

Date: 2014-01-09 02:23:32 pm

Branson IMAX Festival for your Winter in Branson


Still thinking where to enjoy your winter vacation? Try to spend it in Branson, Missouri and experience a beautiful winter time in the Ozarks.  The place has a mild winter climate. Its day temperature rises to only 50s and every visitor will be able to enjoy the place has to offer. Such a nice vacation to spend with a pristine view of nature where you can see the snow blankets the Ozark Mountains.  Thousand Hills Golf Resort is where your hot winter fun destination should be. During this hot winter season, your vacation can be an enjoyable one with a nightly view of cozy luxury cabins and the condos.

Vacationers can't wait to experience winter in Branson as there are lots of events happening in the whole winter season.  One of these events is the Branson Hot Winter Fun held during January and February.  There are many special offers in town with shows and shops open through the Hot Winter Fun season.  The world's largest Titanic Museum, the Hollywood Wax Museum, and the Veteran's Memorial Museum are some places worth visiting during this season.  There is also After Christmas Sales Event that starts in December 26 where visitors shop at malls and Branson Landing.  Basketball fans may have the chance to see the NAIA Division II Men's Basketball Championship in the Keeter Gymnasium, College of the Ozarks.

In Branson, there is a month long celebration of the IMAX Film Festival that can be enjoyed on the big screen featuring cutting-edge technology and IMAX presentations.  This place has a varying time of education and entertainment with IMAX Film Festival. This month long festival is focusing on the education aspects and technology of IMAX presentations.  Old classics and some new productions comprise the list of festival films that truly tell a unique story to the viewing public. Whether you're following a team of bikers, travelling interstate or just setting in the driver's seat of the grand prix, there's a film that's ideal for anyone with a imaginative mind. Whether you want to see a movie with a level of excitement or one that can increase activity of your mind, you will be able to find both awaiting every year at the IMAX Film Festival in Branson, Missouri.

The IMAX Entertainment Complex in Branson is not just for movie-goers, it has also various shopping and dining opportunities to fill out your day. There are sixteen different shops in the shopping mall where items for grabs range from fine jewelry, leather to collectible and specialty items making the complex a perfect hub for all visitors. You can enjoy a fine meal in one of the many restaurants in the complex to make your day full of energy.  The IMAX Theater in the complex features independent and main stream films for all ages.  Anyone will enjoy so much fun with its state-of-the-art, and 6-channel surround sound theaters.  If you are not looking for movies, then see live performances available in the Little Opry Theater that features many old-time country favorites.  Shopping, theaters, movies and dining all come together for complete entertainment at the IMAX Entertainment Complex.

So if you are thinking where to spend your winter vacation, don't hesitate to consider Thousand Hills Resort in Branson, Missouri.

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