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Bon voyage! It's a Titanic Branson Trip to the Atlantic

Date: 2013-11-15 05:31:10 am

Bon voyage! It's a Titanic Branson Trip to the Atlantic

Why did the Titanic sink when it was thought to be unsinkable? How many innocent lives was loss on that fatal night when the ship hit an iceberg? Was the ship destined to sink since it first collided with another ship at its home port? What made the disaster so famous that even the movie Titanic became a hit? Questions won't take you anywhere unless you go aboard Titanic itself! But wait didn't it sink? Congratulations! A Branson trip might just answer all of your questions.

The Live Entertainment Capital of the World is not just popular for its live shows. In Branson, you can set sail to the largest ocean in the world. How, get aboard the Titanic Museum and discover the faith of the passengers, fun facts about the ship and do a little shopping while sailing. So how do you get started? By obtaining a ticket of course! But if you think that the crew will hand you an ordinary ticket the likes you'll find at theaters, you'd be surprised to know that you will be traveling onboard under a different name. In fact you will be an actual Titanic passenger for a while. Who knows? It depends upon how lucky you are. You could be a first, second or third class passenger or even a crew.

As you step inside you will be able to see and touch the iceberg that caused the Titanic's drastic fate. Titanic Museum Branson Logo Inside you will find a great collection of artifacts that originally came from the ship itself. 400 authentic artifacts are display inside the replica of the ship. One of the most sought after experience inside is the walk through the Grand staircase where you'll see a first class stateroom, a collection of Father Browne's photographs and touch an iceberg. This will surely be an experience worth every vacation dollar you spend during your Branson trip.

Only 712 passengers survived on the night Titanic sunk. How would you love to know how these people survived the disaster and what happened to them after that night? At the Titanic Museum's Survivor Wall of stories, you will know how these 712 people managed to get on with their lives after the trauma of that night. But how about those who weren't lucky enough? Have they gone unremembered? At the museum the other 2,200 Titanic passenger's stories are also featured.

Are you interested in knowing facts about the supposedly unsinkable ship? Like perhaps if there were animals on board? Or if how many maids tend to the rooms of the ship? Or maybe you are interested on where the ship was built. Inside the museum your questions will be answered. 10 dogs were sailing with their owners that night but unfortunately only 3 survived. 23 female maids were onboard and the ship was built in Belfast, Ireland.

Can you go shopping while in the middle of the ocean? During your Branson trip at the Titanic museum, you will enjoy browsing for personalized T-shirts, hoodies, cups and even dolls. So why not buy a memento for your Titanic experience at the gift shop inside the museum?

A Branson trip is not just about heading Midwest for all the fun in the Ozarks. It is also about going to different places and experiencing new things like going to the Atlantic and getting aboard the Titanic. So on your next trip to the Ozark Mountains, drive along highway 76, enter Titanic Museum, grab a ticket and discover the faith of the passenger that you were given the ticket to at the end of the tour. 

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