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Big Savings with Platinum Experience

Date: 2013-08-27 01:52:19 pm

Big Savings with Platinum Experience

Save while on vacation? Quite impossible and ironic, right? Of course when you treat yourself to a vacation, you'd love to get the best out of what your budget can afford. A package deal as they say. Now if you're planning your next retreat to the Ozark Mountains, be sure to qualify for Branson platinum experience to have a hint of just how far your vacation dollar can take you.

A favorite accommodation in the heart of Branson, Thousand Hills golf resort has been providing excellent service to its visitors for over 15 years. Dedicated to giving back more to clients who decides to stay in the resort, Thousand Hills compliments their guest with a platinum experience booklet.

For such a simple item, you'd be surprised just how much the booklet is worth. One platinum experience booklet is given upon check in to a visitor who booked any 2-bedroom or larger cabin, golf or lake condo. Provided that it is not a group reservation, your chosen lodge will qualify for a Branson platinum experience.

Once you're settled into your comfortable cabin or condo accommodation, you will surely be curious as to how the small booklet will let you save some of your vacation dollars. Once you open the Branson platinum experience booklet, you'll be pleased to discover that inside are 4 coupons on each of the five categories of Branson fun. $750 worth of tickets for must-seen Branson shows, most visited tourist attractions, best of Branson restaurants, activities and more are all contained inside. But of course, the actual value you gain will be determined by your choice off coupon to use.

Using the coupons comes in handy for each will be marked with redemption instructions. You'll get two options: First, is to redeem the coupon personally at the vendor's location or second: seek the help of an approachable concierge for a voucher, which will redeem the ticket for you.

But what if you have to wait for the holidays to come before you can go to the Ozarks? Not a problem! You can do the reservation online or via phone call. Just pick a 2-bedroom or larger lodge from March to December 31 and you will be entitled to a Branson platinum experience booklet courtesy of a Thousand Hills. A Thousand Hills exclusive the booklet is given as a gift to every qualified reservation. And it is a gift, it cannot be bought, traded or bartered and can only be used once, that is during your stay at the resort. The ticket will be considered void when you try to use them on your next visit.Branson Platinum Experience Sample

Are you wondering if you'll be required to take sales tours or give donations, exhale that breath you're holding! There are no strings attached! The booklet is given free of charge, all you need to do is make a qualified reservation.

Thousand Hills' has partnered with over 20 businesses that consider the Ozarks as a home. Sight and Sound Theaters, Shoji Tabuchi Show, Pierce Arrow Show, Six, Mickey Gilley Show,  Presley's Country Jubilee, The Track Family Fun Parks, McFarlain's Family Restaurant, Showboat Branson Belle and Silver Dollar City are but a few of what you should expect.

Who would have thought you can actually save while enjoying a vacation? Instead of using that money for buying tickets, you can buy yourself or your family a token from the Ozarks. Experience a platinum lodging experience at Thousand Hills and get so much more out of your vacation dollar from a tiny, yet very significant booklet that offers a Branson platinum experience.  

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