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Autumn Live Shows for your Getaway this Fall Season in Branson

Date: 2013-10-19 05:25:10 pm

Autumn Live Shows for your Getaway this Fall Season in Branson

Branson, Missouri is, in every aspect, the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. Whatever weather, the Ozark air is filled with toe tapping music and lovely voices that engage nearly eight million people to visit making the little town ranked third among United States most visited destinations. This fall in Branson, while the Ozark Mountains' dazzling colors is a sight to behold, you can spend a vacation in the Las Vegas of the Midwest to watch autumn shows that make the Ozarks a top tourist destination.

Whether you want to travel back in time, laugh to your heart's content or sing along with an awesome singer, Branson is the place you have to be this fall. You can feast your eyes upon the gorgeous transition of colors of the leaves of the trees on the lakeshores, glades, balds and mountaintops anytime of the day or you can indulge yourself into watching a show or two. Well, you can do both, it's just a matter of knowing which you want to do first. For a start, here's a list of Branson shows you can't miss this autumn.

It's a blast from the past this fall in Branson. You can get back to the times when country music fills the air. Ozark performers who impersonate the looks, voice and ways of great country music legends will let you travel through time as they sing, dance and entertain you from the stage of a cozy theater. Feeling nostalgic? You can join a non-stop party that includes singing, dancing and trivia by watching the Number One hits of the 60's.60's Hit Logo Or you can sing along to groovy music at the 80's Ladies Show.  Do you remember America's Sweetheart? Tracy Lynn DeMille will re-enact the Patsy Cline fever by singing her songs. And, for awesome impersonation and romantic evening, Keith Allyn will sing the hits of Neil Diamond to you.

A crisp weather plus laughter equals a day to remember.  The mesmerizing beauty of the outdoors might have your first reason to visit Branson during the equinox but if you add watching comedy shows to your list, you can have a fall vacation where you can enjoy both the outdoors and indoors. For classic yet side-splitting comedy, the pioneers of Branson family entertainment, Mabe brothers who are more commonly known in the Ozarks as Baldknobbers will amuse you. For awesome music and comedy, you can always go to the Grand Country Music Hall for a night of Comedy Jamboree. Experiencing something different is always fun. Have you ever considered hypnosis as funny? This fall in Branson, you will. At the Comedy Hypnosis Show, you are in for a night of nonstop laughter as master hypnotist Jecobie Roberts performs with talent and energy. Ventriloquism is a great talent but did you know it can also be hilarious? Discover how comical this talent can get at the Hamner Barber Variety Show where magical illusions, comedy, dance and music collide.

The Ozark Mountains explodes into a kaleidoscope of colors during the autumn season. Inside its theaters, lovely music explodes as well. Seven equally talented siblings known as the Haygoods will amaze you with their ability to play 20 different musical instruments. Or if you prefer an all male band that can sing songs across generations, you can always spend a few hours at Andy Williams Moon River Theater to see Cat's Pajamas perform.

Fall in Branson is truly a great time for a getaway since it's not only about the stunning view of the Ozark Mountains. Autumn in the Live Entertainment Capital of the World is also about the live shows that will either take you back in time, make you roll in laughter or serenade you with harmonious music, heartwarming performance and funny acts.

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