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Around The World in a Day at Branson Restaurants

Date: 2013-11-08 03:16:57 am

Around The World in a Day at Branson Restaurants

Travel around the world in just a day! A very promising line but quite impossible. But wait, is it. If you do get the chance to explore this earth, what you want to do? Perhaps visit historical places such as Rome and Greece, shop for signature items in New York and Paris, stay at world class hotels such as Burj Al Arab in Dubai and the Mandalay bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas and of course grab a bite of each places' delicacy such as the marvelous Italian pasta and authentic shawarma. How would you love to experience the joy of devouring world class cuisines in just one day? No you don't need tons of good luck to get that. A vacation to Missouri and eating at Branson restaurants would suffice.

For a start, you can travel to the land of the rising sun and the home of the mouthwatering sushi and bowls of good hot ramen. Did you know that you can grab a bite of Japanese delicacies while in the Midwest? The Mitsu Neko Fusion Cuisine and Sushi Bar along famous Highway 76 is ranked number one by travelers in Branson. While the ambiance is cozy yet professional and the service was impeccable, the food can't be beat. The sushi is simply divine as it's made from fresh ingredients and by skilled hands. And for refreshments there's a bar in the corner and an amazing one at that. Branson Food Logo Welcome to the land of Dragons and Emperors and you're next stop, China the most populous country in the world. No, you don't have to worry! Branson restaurants that serve Chinese are frequented by tourist but are spacious fine diners. Panda House Chinese Restaurant, Lai Lai's and Chopstix are places you shouldn't miss. Your Chinese food will come in good sized portions, flavorful and fresh.

And of you go to Thailand, land of the free where delectable chicken food is served. There's the green chicken curry and chicken cushew nuts salivate over. In the Ozark Mountains one restaurant is noted for cooking excellent Thai food. Living by its name, Thai Thai Cuisine will prepare your order as soon as you said it. The menu consists of shrimp rolls, egg rolls, chicken cushew and more Thai delicacies that are always at its best.  

Cheesy and spicy is what you'll experience at Branson restaurants that prepare luscious Mexican food. You may not be savoring a meal at La Casa Del Pavo but Tequila's Mexican Restaurant, Elenita's Mexican Restaurant, La Hacienda and a few more Branson restaurants will cook delicious enchiladas, palatable burritos and chicken chimichanga accompanied by the tangy margarita. You may not get to watch famous bull fights but this authentic Mexican food will take you to Mexico in just a bite.

Pasta and pizza delights are some of the things that make Italy a lovely place. In Branson, Missouri you will experience these flavorful delicacies in under an hour. Rocky's Italian Restaurant will take you to the Land of Love. Your craving for Italian food will be taken cared of as they served with the best Italian Chicken sandwiches, nachos and more.

Eating out is common when you're in a vacation getaway to the best places in the world. In Branson restaurants your dream of exploring the world in a day as a food tourist will come true. Explore, discover, eat and have a blast!

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