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Another Reason to Visit Branson in the Fall-National Harvest Festival

Date: 2013-10-23 07:19:45 pm

Another Reason to Visit Branson in the Fall-National Harvest Festival

Spectacular Ozark Mountain foliage, amazing year round live shows, restaurants that a tour around the world in a day by serving different cuisines, attractions visitors keep coming back for, shopping centers where you'll find anything and everything, three exquisite lakes, great outdoors and mild water. You need a reason to vacation during fall in Branson? Perhaps you can add up a festival to that list. Say perhaps the National Harvest Festival at Silver Dollar City to get you packing up for a fall getaway?

At the mention of Silver Dollar City, you're excitement to head to the Ozarks this autumn may have gone higher. Recognized by the United States Congress as Home to American Craftsmanship Wood Carver Logo, this popular Branson theme park is a favorite among family destinations in the Ozarks. This family oriented amusement parks offer 3 top attractions, the park itself, Showboat Branson Belle and White Water. The park offers daring roller coaster rides to exciting play areas for young and old. Silver Dollar City is also home to hearty home style cooking so the air is always filled with a mouthwatering aroma. And, of course there are the craftsmen that showcase their creativity everyday while music fills the air. The Showboat Branson Belle on the other hand offers a romantic cruise on Table Rock Lake and if that's not enough, why not take a dip at White Water where summer is forever during your vacation during fall in Branson. As much fun as this sound, there's more to Silver Dollar City during the autumn. While the cool wind blows and the leaves change into dazzling colors, a month long festival is happening at Silver Dollar City called the National harvest Festival which is just perfect since the equinox is also a time for bountiful harvest. At the festival delicious food, lovely music and 30 rides and attractions are made even better by 125 craftsmen and their unique talents in creating handmade crafts.

Creating something from clay has been a hobby since the dawn of time. The ceramics can either be used or displayed at home. How would you love to see plain clay molded into a captivating vase? Soap is a daily necessity for who can go on a whole day without taking a bath? If ask where soaps come from, your initial reaction would be blurting out a company name. But did you know that bare hands can also create scented soaps? Candle making is always a fun way to kill time with. During fall in Branson, you will be able to see how scented, colored and shaped candles are crafted. Knifes are kitchen tools that you use every day but do you know how this useful tools are made? You're about to discover that this fall in Branson. Mats, scarves and baskets are products of weaving but have you any idea how weaving is done? Glass blowing products are lovely home decorations. But how do glass blowers exactly create such attractive things?

At the National Harvest Festival this autumn, you will discover the secrets of all these crafts by watching skilled craftsmen do it personally. You are also up for a luscious treat at the Molly Mills restaurant that serves delicious meals throughout the festival that is only an addition to the already overflowing turkeys and stews from grills. And since Silver Dollar City is a family theme park, don't miss an autumn roller coaster ride or two.

So you see, fall in Branson is more than just the captivating foliage and all the fun that makes the town a famous destination. At the National Harvest Festival at Silver Dollar City, you'll discover the mysteries of craft making in an entertaining way. So include the festival to your list of reasons to go to Branson this autumn and have a blast!

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