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A Time to be Happy is now and A Place to be happy is in Branson's Hollywood Wax Museum

Date: 2013-12-18 01:34:42 pm

A Time to be Happy is now and A Place to be happy is in Branson's Hollywood Wax Museum

As you enjoy your whole family tour in Branson, MO, there is one great attraction you should not miss. It is the Branson's Hollywood Wax Museum, located in the central part of the city at Highway 76. This is where you would be able to see your favorite fabled stars and celebrities, famous singers and popular actors and actresses who had made names in the billboards!

Wax Museum Logo 

While you enter the museum, you will be greatly surprised of the perfectly life-size appearances of your favorite stars, like Elvis Presley, Marylin Monroe, Michael Jackson, Johnny Depp, Jennifer Garner and many other great stars of the past.Their life size images are so unbelievable to see. You will feel them as if they are alive. They are fully dressed with their signature costumes and attires, their shoes and caps, and other accessories on their hands, feet, even their necklaces and earrings.It behooves you and your children with great wild imaginations that they still live.All perfectly done through artworks out of wax. You will be so much overwhelmed with  joy and happiness.

As great fans of these well renowned celebrities, everything you would know about their lives, lifestyles, secrets, personal collections, diaries, clothings and costumes are carefully shown. Even their collection of shoes and hobbies  are well preserved for the public to see. The great staff entertaining you while inside the museum are so accommodating to your questions and other information you would need from each of the star you would choose from.

You and your family will just grab the opportunity to get some photo ops with the celebrities in wax. You may hold the images, as if they are true, their skins and great smiles are all perfectly done, a true to life copycat  at that. Your kids and other members of your family will just be amazed with awe. The wax artistry are just unbelievable.

Since you were not able to catch a glimpse or by just getting near to any of these great celebrities in their living years , it is now your time to feel and touch them, and interestingly see them in person, even only through wax. You will be extremely happy. You will begin to be inquisitive about their life stories.

Great discounts ranging from 20% for a family of eight are being offered, even student in groups. Your kids below 4 are free. For you and your wife, you will be amazed of your favorite Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. For your teenaged children, they will get to take photo ops with their Michael Jackson. Your little kid will just be amazed and giggle to get a hold and touch on these wonderful statues all around the museum, made entirely out of wax.

You will not travel entirely to Hollywood already and see in person your favorite celebrities as they are hardly seen in person. Why not get a feel or touch  them now? It is only in Branson, MO , no need to travel any more to Hollywood. After all, the life size images are amazingly and perfectly done in wax, as if they are still living.

Enjoy your fun, be at Branson's Hollywood Wax Museum and meet, hug, feel your favorite stars!                                                                                  


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