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A Four Bedroom Log Cabin for Your Christmas Reunion

Date: 2013-11-16 08:22:42 am

A Four Bedroom Log Cabin for Your Christmas Reunion

No grand celebration beats a family reunion. What else surpasses the chance to reunite with distant relatives that you don't get to see as often as you probably prefer? While a family get together can be celebrated at any time of the year, wouldn't it be wonderful to celebrate Christmas with your kin inside a Branson log cabin? Behold a four bedroom log cabin that is wonderfully equipped for your annual family gathering at the Ozark Mountains.

Reunion LogoThe four bedroom log cabin denotes ample space for every clan member. Outside, the trees will greet you with a lungful of fresh air, a shady canopy of leaves and a cool breeze.  Grandpa and grandma will surely love the peaceful and quiet atmosphere while watching the children chase each other across the wide front steps.

Don't expect a typical log cabin. Inside, your four bedroom Branson log cabin will amaze you even more with its intriguing design. Instead of getting a typical spacious area for everyone to move around, your cabin is divided into two areas; two bedrooms for each side. Not just that! Since every lodge has a cozy living room, a fully furnished kitchen, a deck to look outside and bathroom with built in vanity; you'll get two of everything. And what's best about the cabin's being cut into half? You are connected to the other side so every member of your kin can catch up with each other while still privileged with your own private space.

Storytelling and catching up with each other is a common activity during Christmas reunions. And with that being said, there's no better place to gather the whole family round for a bit of family history and life updates than in the comforts of a cozy living room. Huddle up beside your parents as they ponder about the humble beginnings and achievements of the lineage in the warmth of a gas fireplace at Christmas Eve.

How about preparing a luscious Christmas dinner for the whole family while the guys talk and the kids play? The fully furnished kitchens are at the mothers' disposal. You and your sisters by blood and law can even stock up for Christmas dinner in the full sized refrigerator. Your Branson log cabin is a mother's delight with all of the basic cookware, dishware, silverware glassware and small kitchen appliances such a microwave, oven and freezer. Of course as a mom, you value cleanliness because you believe it's a factor for the family's health. Your four bedroom log cabin comes with washers and dryers that allow you to do just that.

After a day filled with family activities and Christmas festivities, the spacious luxury of a king sized bed is more than welcome to get yourself the rest you need for another day's family fun. Three or four private bathrooms with ample vanity also await you for a refreshing shower before a good night's sleep.

Christmas morning coffee and early evening cookies, a treat of either a good morning greeting from the greens or a pleasant evening acknowledgement from the stars. From grandpa to the smallest heir of the household, all the deck furniture can comfortably accommodate you all.

At Christmas, all roads lead home. Gather your whole family for a reunion at the Live Entertainment Capital of the World and come home to a four bedroom Branson log cabin that is ideal for family events. 

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