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A Christmas Day Filled With Live Shows

Date: 2013-10-07 01:39:27 pm

A Christmas Day Filled With Live Shows

Christmas is a lovely time in Branson, Missouri. The whole town lights up with fabulous displays of multi-colored Christmas lights, animated scenes and lighted displays. Attractions, shopping centers and dinner will also be open to accommodate you. Not to mention the tons of Branson live shows that made the Ozarks the Live Entertainment capital of the World.

Taking your whole family to a vacation in a log cabin rental in Branson during the festive Christmas season is a definite treat. At Christmas Eve you can cozy up by the gas fireplace in the living room wrapped in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate in hand while watching a movie over DVD or HBO channel. But when the first drop of snow hits the ground on Christmas day, the live shows Ozarks is famous for will fill your day with music and magic.

As a parent, you want your kids to experience something special. Amazing Pets, will let you do just that by keeping your kids entertained. Performed to catch your love and laughter, this is a great show for the whole family that will put a smile in your faces as you are glued to your seats. Ninety minutes of pure fun is guaranteed by funny and creative dog tricks, cats hitting marks perfectly, beautiful species of birds such as pigeon and parrots performing non-stop by flying above the audience and doing a non-stop act for 8 minutes, a very funny and original monkey and even a pony. The main performers on stage showcasing magical illusions, comedy, and trained animals relates well to the audience making the show even more enjoyable.

How about a blast from the past Branson live shows such as Elvis and the Superstars Elvis Presley Logo , Breakfast with Mark Twain, Hank Williams Revisited, and Hank and Patsy Together Again will let you go back in time, back to the days when country music filled the air.

Watch the shadow of a king at Elvis and the Superstars as Dave Elhert impersonate the famous American singer, musician and actor Elvis Presley. This show focuses on voice and personality of Elvis Presley thus giving you the chance to know him as a singer and a man.

Breakfast with your family is great morning treat. Accompanied by a live show, your first meal for the day will be a memory to remember. Wake up to a breakfast filled with hilarious comedy, a chance to learn about local history and the life of the author of the famous children's book, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. You will laugh to your hearts content as Mark Twain as portrayed by Dave Elhert talk about his life as a child in Mississippi. Dave Elhert will inspire you the way Mark Twain did the older generation with humorous tongue and kind heart.

Revisit old melodies such as Hey Goodlookin', Jambalaya and Cheatin' Heart at the Branson live show Hank Williams Revisited. Learn about the life of a simple and honest singer and songwriter as Tim Hadler renders a unique tribute with a mix of country music and the singer's life.

Watch the Country Music's First Superstar and America's Sweetheart as Hank Williams and Patsy Cline fill your Christmas day with songs, laughter and memories.

Your Christmas day at the Live Entertainment Capital of the World just got even better with Branson live shows that perform on the stage of Ozark theaters on this gorgeous season. Be amazed by amazing pets and sing along with country musician impersonators while you stroll the theaters of Branson.

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