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A blast From the Past from Branson Shows

Date: 2013-11-06 03:09:55 am

A blast From the Past from Branson Shows

What is life without music? Who doesn't get lost to the lyrics of a song no matter which generation it came from? There are even times that a song lyric reflects feeling and thoughts accurately. There are even songs that will lead you to a walk down memory lane. Examples of these songs are being sung during Branson shows by impersonators of the greatest singers from the 60's, 70's and 80's.

Talented artist from the Ozark Mountains will give you a blast from the past with their dazzling costumes, great voice and energetic dancing. Be prepared to reminisce the good old days as you spend an hour or two at Branson theaters. Below is a list of shows that will take you back in time.

Legends in Concert

Legends in Concert is a must see Branson show featuring an Elvis Presley look alike, the Blues Brothers and many more. The impersonators sing, look and dance like the real legends thus giving the show a Vegas quality.  There is never a dull moment because the artist wears very attractive costumes and the show is choreographed very well. If you think that the songs are courtesy of recordings, then you're wrong. The performers use their own voices and a live band.

A Neil Diamond Tribute

Neil Diamond Tribute Logo

In the Ozark Mountains, you'll get to meet a look alike of Neil Diamond, the man who waves romance and magic in his songs. This morning show will serenade you with Neil Diamond hits that are a favorite during the 60's.

Hits of the 60's

Another fun filled show that will take you back to the 1960's is the two hour Hits of the 60's show. The cast of 8 singers will bring memories from the good old days as they change from one bright costume to another. Take your whole family along to this fast paced Branson show is great for your little kids as well.

Thank You for The Music: A Modern Day Tribute to Abba

In the world of pop music, who doesn't recognize Abba? Thank You for The Music: A Modern Day Tribute to Abba is a Branson show that boasts excellent harmony and great choreography as they sing to you Abba hits like Mama Mia and Dancing Queen. This show has been praised for being a fantastic impersonation of Abba's performances.

Elvis and the Superstars and Joseph Hall's Elvis Rock n' Roll Remember Tribute

Who isn't moved by the songs of the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley? Many impersonations have been done to imitate the looks, voice and actions of the king. In the Ozark mountains two Mark Twain and Joseph Hall will amuse you during the Elvis and the Superstars and Joseph Hall's Elvis Rock  n' Roll Remember Tribute will let you listen to the King's moving songs once more. In the Ozark Mountains, the spirit of Elvis Presley legacy still live!

Patsy Cline Remembered

Do you still remember America's Sweetheart? C.J. Newsome will inspire you with a one woman show as a way of morning greeting. C.J. may not look like Patsy but she does sing her songs in a very endearing way that will make you remember one of America's lovely voices.

Music is the soundtrack of life. It fills every corner and when it does not, you search for its lovely harmony. Listen to the songs from the 20th century and stroll down memory lane as impersonators from Branson shows regale you with classic songs.

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