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Why Fall Season is the Best Time for Trout Fishing

Date: 2015-09-11 12:00:00 am

Why Fall Season is the Best Time for Trout Fishing


Autumn FishingThe TriLakes Area in Missouri is full of action all year round and offers plenty of water sports activities that always include boating, parasailing, and trout fishing. Fall season is a great time to fish trout in the TriLakes Area because this is a period of dry-fly activity on most trout streams that rivals the best hatches of spring. During fall winged ants are migrating to the streams and when these insects are on the water nearly every trout in the river will feed on the surface. As fall season approaches, ants hatched in their underground colonies, when wings sprout, these insects fly off to mate with ants from other colonies. Many of these ants are attracted to water that give trout feasting activity which make easy catch for anglers.

Although people are busy raking leaves or installing storm windows some really put aside a day or two for fall trout fishing. To most fly fishers, trout fishing in the fall is not as easy as they do in June. Anglers enjoy the best fishing during fall season from noon till late afternoon when the air temperatures start to rise.  During windy days in fall you’ll find the streams covered with leaves, twigs, and nuts falling from trees. Wait until fall weather turns cold and rainy, trout get pretty confrontational and will take anything in their way.

Lake Taneycomo is the ideal habitat for rainbow and brown trout. It was in this very lake where a local caught a whopping world record 25-pound brown trout. It became known here that the best way to catch trout is by drifting angle salmon eggs or worms. Trout don’t breed naturally on their own with significant numbers to meet the demand of the anglers, hatcheries rear and stock catchable size trout to help maintain the trout population.

Due to the instability of the supply of trout in the TriLakes Area, there are a few rules that are greatly appreciated by locals which are dedicated to the survival of trout in Lake Taneycomo and other rivers and streams in the area. For example, use needle-nose pliers or hemostats to remove the hook out of the trout’s jaw. Never forcefully pull the hook from a deeply-hooked fish that you wish to release or else cut the line and leave the hook in the fish.

You should handle the trout gently and release them as quickly as possible.  When handling the fish, remember to cradle it upside down in your hand as you remove the hook. If the trout appears to be exhausted, hold it gently facing upstream in the water until it swims out of your hands. By applying all these things, it will help increase the survival rate of all gaming fish in TriLakes Area and help preserve this fantastic recreational sport in Branson.

Fall Season in the TriLakes Area is the best time for trout fishing because this is a period where rainbow and brown trout can easily be hooked in Lake Taneycomo.

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