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Wandering Inside the Wonderful Caverns of Branson

Date: 2019-07-05 12:00:00 am

Wandering Inside the Wonderful Caverns of Branson


Summer season is a great time to visit caves in Branson as you can have the opportunity to experience excellent adventure at some fantastic caverns in the Ozarks.

Inside the impressive caves, you will always find spectacular stalactites and stalagmites that are clinging on the ceiling and the floors of the caves. The dwellers in the caves such as salamanders, crickets, and bats that cling on the cave ceiling upside down are some of the fantastic sights that you can see while donning a headlamp inside the caves. These cave attractions in Branson that are interesting to visit are the Marvel Cave, Talking Rocks Caverns, Fantastic Caverns, and the Smallin Civil War Cave.

attractions in BransonAs one of the oldest caves in Branson, Marvel Cave suddenly became a tourist attraction after William Lynch opened it in the late 1800s. Presently located at the entrance of Silver Dollar City, Marvel Cave is owned by the Herschend family. The admission ticket you get at Silver Dollar City includes the sixty-minute tour to Marvel Cave. This cave tour consists of a walk down on the staircase up to five hundred feet below to the cave entrance room which is also called the Cathedral Room. After the cave tour, you will get a ride back up via a cable train.

Silver Dollar City become famous after the discovery of the Marvel Cave, and it may not have even been known. In 1894, the cave became a tourist attraction, and by 1960, it became the focal point of the premier theme park in Branson. The deepest cave in Missouri, Marvel Cave can be explored for 60 minutes on a basic tour that leaves every 30 minutes, or you can opt for 90 minutes lantern light tour once a day. Of all the caves in Branson, Marvel Cave is the nearest to the downtown area. To enjoy a more exciting visit to the cave, allow an entire day tour of exploring the beautiful cave including the Silver Dollar City.

Formerly known as Fairy Cave, Talking Rocks Cavern is a famous cave attraction in Branson which is just 25 minutes drive away from the heart of Branson. Located in Stone County, the cavern features spectacular beauty of nature such as the curtain and bacon formations, but now, it is devoid with the typical cave life due to the sealing of the entrance to the cave when it was first discovered. The daily tour to Talking Rocks Cavern departs several times a day, and it takes about one hour.

With the fascinating tour at Talking Rocks Cavern, you can enjoy above ground fun as well. From beautiful hiking trails to many tree-shaded picnic areas, you can experience a relaxing atmosphere and a soak in the beauty of nature. As you take the cave tour, you can have the chance to participate in gemstone mining and take some treasures home. If you are a sports enthusiast, you can try out the 9-hole Cave Country Miniature Golf Course. Open year-round, seven days a week except for Thanksgiving and Christmas; Talking Rocks Cavern is such an ideal place to spend a fantastic cave adventure.

The Fantastic Caverns in Springfield, Missouri is a fascinating cave that offers the only tour with a fantastic ride in this huge cave in America. In 1862, this fascinating cave was discovered by a dog of local farmers that crawled to the entrance of the cave. Five years later, there was an announcement in the newspaper calling for explorers who were brave enough to enter the cavern. The twelve local women who responded to the call had their names carved onto the side of a cave wall which is still visible to this day. The cave is a family owned business that features a jeep drawing tram tours through the cavern. Inside the caverns, you can find a fabulous gift shop that features a full display of historical items and themed souvenirs.

Another beautiful cave attraction in Branson is the Smallin Civil War Cave. This cave is full of the rich history of the Ozarks. The cave is more accessible than others in the area although it only features ramps (no stairs) and inclines. Visitors to the cave can have the opportunity to view unique cave creatures like the Blind Cave Salamander and the Bristly Cave Crayfish.

So, if you want to experience an exciting cavern adventure this summer, visit all the fantastic caves near Branson and discover the fun of cavern hopping in the Ozark Mountains.


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