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Unusual Attractions That Can Be Found Only in Branson

Date: 2016-01-21 12:00:00 am

Unusual Attractions That Can Be Found Only in Branson


As Branson is home to several world-class live entertainment shows, exciting attractions and the majestic Ozark Mountains, there are still plenty of things to see that you don’t know they exist.  From many unbelievable natural wonders to off-beaten-path attractions, Branson offers many unusual attractions that you wouldn’t expect.

Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventure is one of the attractions in Branson that features a verdant, 7,000-square-foot butterfly aviary and garden. This amazing place meanders through thickets of wild flora and fauna as thousands of colored and white butterflies flutter all over the garden. If you’re lucky, some of the white butterflies in the garden might even land on you. Branson’s Wild World is another great attraction that features herds of ferocious fish, exotic reptiles, along with venomous snakes and even some land predators. If you are bold enough, take a glimpse of the bull sharks and get the chance to personally feed them with the day’s specialty.

Haunted House and Monster Asylum The Haunted House and Monster Asylum is also one of unusual attractions in Branson ideal for the brave looking for some crazy things. Visitors participating in this scary tour will travel through an Ozark cemetery, an insane asylum, and a ghostly castle. If you want to try a scary experience, then you should try to visit the place. As you visit the Haunted House and Monster Asylum, you can experience the famous mirror maze and the animatronics throughout the haunted house. The hairs on your back might stand when you get frightened by horrible sound effects and ghostly sounds as well as the eerie lighting. If you enjoy being scared, you will love this place.

Marvel Cave in another unusual attraction located west of Branson. Inside the cave, you will find thousands of beautiful living crystal cave formations in an assortment of textures and colors. Marvel Cave is open year round and each tour lasts about an hour and there are several tours throughout the day. You can even get up close and personal with a bat. In additional to the caves, you will also find a mini-golf and a gift shop where you can buy unique gifts such as an onyx chessboard, fossils and even jewelry.

Located in the same place as Marvel Cave, Talking Rocks Cavern offers a great outdoor experience in the Ozarks that will surely give you memories that you will remember all your life. Visiting Table Rocks Cavern will let you learn the traditional living ways of the people and feel the early days of tourism in the area. While there were no shows or exciting attractions during this time, you can imagine how the visitors toured the place and explore the caves in the Ozarks. Nowadays, touring Talking Rocks Cavern can be more fun as you enjoy the attractions and nature trails.

If you already have visited many exciting attractions, museums, and theme parks in Branson, it’s time now to visit some unusual attractions in the Ozarks that you don’t know they exist.

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