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Trail Ride with Uncle Ike

Date: 2015-08-04 12:00:00 am

Trail Ride with Uncle Ike


Branson is home to many trails that offers exciting nature activities which include hiking, biking, camping, and horseback riding. After the cold months, many people come to Branson not only to enjoy world class entertainment, exciting attractions, shopping and dining but also because they want also to experience many wonderful nature activities. Hiking, biking, and horseback riding are some of the most exciting way to enjoy nature as this is the time where you can see flourishing flowers and plants in the wildlife. This season, take the opportunity to have a great horseback ride with Uncle Ike’s healthy horses and awesome guides.

Uncle Ike’s Trail Ride Uncle Ike’s Trail Ride has been entertaining visitors on horseback through the Ozark hills since 1970. Many of the trails in the Ozarks date back to the 1800’s. Uncle Ike was the postmaster of Notch, Missouri when mails were still carried on horseback. The shaded old trails at Uncle Ike’s Trails consist more than 150 acres. Uncle Ike’s Trail Ride takes a lot of pride in their healthy horses and skillful guides. Its trail rides are taken at a walk in single file. Uncle Ike’s Trail Ride has a reputation for safety and well cared horses.

A daily ride of 40 to 50 minutes (during hotter days it may take longer) are regularly offered at Uncle Ike’s Trail Ride. This exciting horseback ride in a single file, walk through a long shaded nature trail over two miles long. This trail ride is such a wonderful nature activity where you can feel a refreshing atmosphere under the shades of the trees. This trail ride starts along a ridge, and drops down into the hollow, then a slow ascent to return to where you started. Daily ride schedules are regularly changed in every season.

Uncle Ike’s Trail Ride offers Special Rides for groups of 12 or more at 7:00 am ride with breakfast.  After a 50-minute horseback ride before reaching the tall pines camp area, a local restaurant will have your breakfast ready with sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, biscuits, hash browns. Also served with breakfast on an open fire are cold orange juice and hot coffee. Your horses will be secured as you enjoy your breakfast.  After taking breakfast, you may ride back for about 20 minutes and usually back by 9:15 am.

Dinner Rides are also offered for groups of 8 or more that start at 4:30 pm with meal that includes a pulled pork plate with two side dishes, coffee, and lemonade. This dinner ride usually lasts approximately an hour. The facility will remain open until 7:30 or 8 pm so you can have ample time for some beverages, food and horse stories while the horses are returned for the evening. Specialty Rides are also offered where you can have a private romantic rides or special birthday rides.

Branson offers one of the best nature activities in the trails in the Ozarks that include great horseback ride with Uncle Ike’s Trail Ride with amazing horses and skilled guides.

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