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Top 5 Jaw-Dropping Museums in Branson

Date: 2019-03-08 12:00:00 am

Top 5 Jaw-Dropping Museums in Branson

Apart from Branson of being well known for its world-class live shows, award-winning Silver Dollar City, and spectacular sceneries enhanced by the three pristine lakes and the Ozark mountains, this favorite vacation spot now includes a growing list of fascinating museums. Below you will find the top 5 jaw-dropping museums that are waiting for you in Branson.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum

Ripleys Museum in Branson

This unique attraction in Branson is where you can find tons of artifacts, unique displays, and unusual collections. This incredible museum features a great show of strange and bizarre items that will mystify visitors of all ages. There are countless of rare collections displayed in the museum that visitors will find it unbelievable. This fantastic attraction in Branson features an incredible collection of 30,000 artifacts, 100,000 cartoon panels, and 20,000 photographs.

Robert Ripley was a television and radio host, lecturer, author, and became a newspaper illustrator with a desire to discover many odd things. On his zest of creating incredible things, he accumulated knowledge of thousands of oddities. Inside the museum, you’ll see a display of 30 feet Cadillac Limousine that was used for movies in Hollywood, the two-headed calf, and the human unicorn from Manchuria. Outside the facility, you can easily spot the unique cracked and split exterior of the building that represents the major earthquake in 1812 in Philadelphia that caused the church bells to ring.

Dinosaur Museum

Dinosaur Museum is one of the most popular museums in Branson that gives the whole family and friends a chance to see the replicas of the biggest creatures ever lived on earth. The dinosaur exhibits inside the museum range from the tiny Microraptor to the T-Rex which stands at over two-stories high. Dinosaur Museum features an enormous display of exhibits of over 50 life-size dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, activity centers, and an in-house movie theater where you can watch educational films about the pre-historic creatures.

In the museum, you will see human-made life-size sculptures of dinosaurs, many are more than just fossils, bringing a sense of reality and authenticity about the displays. As you get closer to the long-toothed monsters, you will feel like you have been transported back in time. These large replicas of dinosaurs were the works of the best artists and sculptors in the world who toiled to bring the massive creature to life. You’ll surely be amazed at awe once you come face to face with the most savage predators of their time.

Hollywood Wax Museum

Hollywood Wax Museum is such a unique attraction in Branson where you can have the opportunity to see the wax figures of some of the most famous Hollywood stars. Located beautifully on Highway 76 at the center of the strip in Branson, this world-famous attraction is wholly devoted to celebrities. It is the only wax museum in Missouri where your favorite stars such as Angelina Jolie, Hugh Jackman, Samuel Jackson, Matthew McConaughey, and many others are waiting on the red carpet to give fun and excitement to visitors of all ages.

Hollywood Wax Museum is a perfect place to pose with your favorite stars and remember their past movies. Whether your passion is all-time classics, action movies, or other western films, there are scenes especially recreated to please you. The museum was developed by Entrepreneur Spoony Singh in California that blossomed into a world-famous entertainment company, Kuvera Attractions, with the vision of bringing people closer to their favorite Hollywood celebrities.

World’s Largest Toy Museum

The World’s Largest Toy Museum is a beautiful attraction in Branson where you can reminisce your childhood days and experience the feeling of being young again. You will find inside the museum a gallery of toys including great displays of trains, dolls, and puppets. This museum attraction is home to different kinds of toys way back from the 1700s to the present. Rediscover the fun of appreciating your favorite toys and see your childhood heroes such as Shirley Temple, Tom Mix, and Groucho Marx. You can find toys from among the more than a million on display as tiny as a thimble and as big as a full-size luxury car.

If you had a great fun experience with the little toys during your childhood days, you would undoubtedly love this behemoth toy store which offers a great display of cars, trucks, tractors, and trains. Every corner in this toy museum is filled with toys, board games, boxes, dolls, rides and many other great collections of toys way back from the past three centuries to the present. Here, you will find old designs of ships, planes, trains, classic cars and motorcycles, pedal cars, bicycles, tin wind-ups, dolls, Star Wars, Disney characters, trucks, G.I. Joes, and toy soldiers. This is a must-see collection of toys in the museum.

Branson Auto and Farm Museum

Branson Auto and Farm Museum feature more than 100 classic cars including race cars, brass, celebrity, muscle, and special interest vehicles. This car museum location initially opened in Spring of 2009 dedicated to the appreciation and conservation of celebrated automobiles. However, the museum was entirely demolished by the tornado in 2012. The museum was rebuilt even more significant and has grown with a farm portion. The museum has a full display of classic cars, collectibles, tractors, cannons, and other farm equipment. The new facility added an area of more than 20,000 square feet.

The new museum now holds approximately 220 automobiles and some farm equipment. The museum is spread in sections that wander through the building which seems to be a perfect setting of the facility. The classic cars and farm equipment that are displayed in the museum are regularly changed, so if you were not satisfied with the current displays, you are sure to find new display when you come back some other time. You will also see in the museum two-row wooden corn planter made in 1853 by Brown Company and a wooden steam engine built in the early 1900s.

Museum lovers will undoubtedly find their vacation in this favorite vacation spot in the Midwest a wonderful one once they visit these top 5 jaw-dropping museums in Branson.



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