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The Revolutionist Magic Show

Date: 2015-06-16 12:00:00 am

The Revolutionist Magic Show


The Revolutionist Magic Show is one of the most entertaining Branson shows where you can get to see a stunning magic performances from five internationally renowned innovative illusionists. In this magic show, you can see a stunning mix of the incredible optional illusions from levitation to disappearing acts, mind-boggling, and death defying stunts. The show features five world famous magicians that include Brett Daniels, Kevin James, Reza, Luka and Kid Kadabra, plus many more talented assistants. In addition to this multi-talented cast, a rotating cast of superstars of magic will also show their antics throughout the season.

These highly skilled and innovative illusionists have won numerous awards and accolades and travelled nationally and internationally. The group have appeared on major television shows, Vegas headliners, and appeared in international scenes. The art director of the Revolutionists Magic Show has worked with Shania Twain, David Copperfield, 50 Cent, and Kevin Heart. They have also created illusions and designs for America’s Got Talent, NBC’s World’s Greatest Magic, ABC’s Champions of Magic, and over 25 additional television shows.

Producer of the show and world renowned magician Brett Daniels and co-producer Inderjit Grewal present this premiere of world class magician theatrics. These talented performers break the barriers and show authentic theatrical illusions that revolutionize magic with death defying feats. This year, the Revolutionists Magic Show in Branson is scheduled at Music City Center Theater. The show is a spinoff of “The Illusionists’’, a Sydney Opera House show, the most successful illusion performance in the world. The five illusionists starred in the Revolutionists Magic Show in Branson work together to crate awe-inspiring spectacles. The show is billed as “the next generation of world-class illusionary theatrics’’.

Brett Daniels is excited to return to Branson after 10 years. As a solo artist, he had performed during  the 2004 and 2005 season at The Grand Palace, presenting large-scale illusions that amazed audiences. Daniels gained world notoriety as co-producer, co-creator, director, and onstage front-man for a touring show called “The Illusionists’’, that premiered at the Sydney Opera House in January 2012. This show in Sydney became an international hit.

Revolutionist Magic ShowThe new Revolutionist Magic Show debutting in Branson goes beyond anything what Brett Daniels has done before. It is an ensemble show that break all barriers, and present authentic theatrical illusionary art on a level never seen before. The show is more challenging and clever with more theatrical performance. The five world-class magicians present their very best material, all within a cohesive presentation where they are interacting with each other throughout the show.

It is a perfect family show that is good for kids and kids at heart. A dramatic and charming show for everyone to enjoy. That’s the best thing about a cool magic show that guarantees a wholesome fun and excitement for every family.

So, if you want to witness a stunning magic performance of five world renowned illusionists, come to Branson this season and watch the Revolutionist Magic Show.

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