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The Grandest Spring Vacation

Date: 2015-03-24 12:00:00 am

The Grandest Spring Vacation


Spring in Branson is a wonderful time to enjoy tons of thrilling indoor and outdoor water fun in the Splash Country Waterpark at the Grand Country Resorts. The beautiful location of the park in the Ozark hills has been known to have full of earthly treasures like gold, diamonds, and silver. Nowadays, it’s noticeable that the land has been exploited and the only things found in the hills of Branson are great entertainment and good times.

When the adventurer Cousin Jimmy explored the outskirts of Grand Country Resort, he found a torrent of geysers and pools where he then named the place Splash Country. The magnificent location of the Splash Country on top of an old abandoned mining area invites Grand Country guests to come out and explore acres of new adventures and experience the refreshing atmosphere during spring in Branson.

Splash Country This fantastic indoor and outdoor water fun in Splash Country Waterpark features a three-level treehouse with interactive water play which offers new water adventure on each level for you and your friends. After you have come up to the highest level, you can then take the plunge down Grand Pa Grand’s winding and blinding tube slides. The two large tube slides will send you turning and twisting through a tunnel of darkness. But there’s nothing to fear as there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Dare to ride and beware! The treehouse features 1,000 gallon bucket of water dumped every eight minutes raining down like a storm on all those below.

A toddler pool in the Splash Country can also be greatly enjoyed by kids with jumping water, a frog slide, bungee swings, an Ozark Trout slide, and rocking toads. The vast area of over 2,000 sq. ft of the toddler pool, the kids are guaranteed to have a grand time. The Lazy River is another great feature in the waterpark that will allow you to relax, lay aimlessly, and let the current take you away. You can really feel the thrill when you recline in your own tube and enjoy the 250 ft. Lazy River meandearing through the natural beauty of an Ozark river bank. This river bank features multiple seasons because of large windows that bring natural outdoor atmosphere commonly experienced along Ozarks creeks.

In the Splash Country you can enjoy many exciting water fun activities which include basketball play pool; melting pot spas where you can revitalize your body with massaging water jets; you can also fly down with the Eureka Mine waterslide which curves around the Splash Country; it is also exciting to dance along with Froggie Bog as five jumping levels of water squirt from the holes; and if you want to take a challenge, you can go with the Hatfield Holler that runs in a twisting creek where McCoys lay-in-wait to pour water-filled buckets who comes sliding by.  

A beautiful spring in Branson can be well spent in Splash Country Waterpark which offers perfect weekend getaway for kids, parents, and grandparents who like to experience a great family water fun activity.

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