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The Frozen Beauty of the Ozarks

Date: 2015-02-22 12:00:00 am

The Frozen Beauty of the Ozarks


 Frozen BeautySpending a winter outdoor adventure in Missouri or Arkansas can be the most fascinating way to enjoy nature when you see the beauty of the Ozarks covered with winter snow. During the cold season in Branson, you can still enjoy the beauty of nature with the majestic sceneries of the Ozark Mountains. The Midwest encompasses a total of 55,000 sq. mile of natural beauty of the Ozarks region mostly in Missouri and Arkansas. The eastern part of Oklahoma and the tip of Southeast Kansas also form part of the beauty of the Ozarks.

Any outdoor enthusiasts can explore countless areas of natural beauty in the Midwest. The Ozarks is a vacation dream place for outdoor enthusiasts who yearn to see picturesque lakes, running streams, hundreds of caves,  and other natural wonders that adorn the landscape of the Ozarks region. Hunting and fishing are some of the most popular outdoor activities in the Ozarks where you find abundance of wildlife animals and variety species of fresh water fish.

Some of the interesting spots that form part of the beauty of the Ozarks include the upper Buffalo River region around Newton Country, Arkansas. This beautiful region is the most isolated and rugged portion of the Ozarks located in northwest Arkansas. Nestled in the Boston Mountain range, you’ll see beautiful landscapes, wild animals and breathtaking waterfalls plus millions of acres of forests. At the Buffalo River, you can enjoy a float down with its 500 feet tall bluff lines with magnificent vistas and rock climbing opportunities. On your way back, you can hike through Whitaker Point in the Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area and a chance to experience an Appalachian culture where organic ways and old fashioned customs are the norm.

Another beautiful spot in the Ozarks which is worth visiting is the White River Valley that extends across most of southwest Missouri and northern Arkansas. The lakes along the White River basin are famous for great water sports adventure including fishing, boating, parasailing, and scuba diving. World records have been recorded in this river basin for several fish species including brown trout that weighed over 40 lbs.

Once you set foot on the majestic Ozark mountains, enchanting waterfalls and pristine lakes, you will be dumbfounded at the wondrous beauty of the Ozarks. In addition to amazing sceneries, the wonders of nature of the Ozarks create a huge playground which include a plethora of outdoor activities. Water sports enthusiasts flock to this playground for wakeboarding, water skiing, and tubing. After a full day of water activities, you may want to head to the nearby town of Branson for a relaxing evening entertainment. Known as the live entertainment capital of the world, Branson provides great live entertainment and exciting attractions with more than 100 shows in 49 theaters.

So, if you want to explore countless areas of natural beauty of the Ozarks, take a fantastic winter outdoor adventure in the Ozark Mountains where you can experience the most fascinating way to enjoy the beauty of nature.

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