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The Favorite Hits of the Past

Date: 2016-01-07 12:00:00 am

The Favorite Hits of the Past


No. 1 Hits of the 60s show The music of the 60s to 80s are some of the favorite hits of the past that are always featured in some  Branson shows. The No. 1 Hits of the 60s show in Branson was voted as the Best Matinee Show for two consecutive years. Listening to the hits of the 60s through the 80s will allow you to go back in time as you join the party revisiting and reminiscing the era of the British Invasion of Liverpool Legends, the Beach Boys, and the world famous Platters. Some of the old hit songs that you will hear in Branson shows are popular 1960’s songs like Hey Jude, Do Ya Love Me, Cherish, Ain’t Mountain High, and A Hard Day’s Night.

This season get the chance to enjoy your favorite hit songs of the 60s at the Americana Theater. This vintage show is fun-filled and fast-paced with high-energy award-winning cast and live band that deserve every award they’ve received. The show features favorite hit songs, dance, comedy, and 1960’s trivia. The effort and time that put into producing the show is exhausting but creating an authentic experience of the 1960’s is priceless.

Branson vintage shows highlight the olden days that include the awesome 80’s Ladies Show. An amazing show that will let you travel back to the 1980s era. Everyone loves to sing their favorite 1980s music and tunes that they used to turn on the radio knob. Parents and grandparents can all remember and enjoy the hit songs of the 1980s. If you want to see one of the most popular groups of the 1980s from Sweden, don’t miss to watch “ABBA Tribute – Thank You for the Music”. This dynamic show gives tribute to the mega-hit music of ABBA, one of the biggest pop music sensations to ever conquer the world.

The “ABBA Tribute” Show features high energy dance, as well as the powerful harmonies and outstanding personalities that portray those popular and unforgettable ABBA hits. Get to enjoy the show with the ABBA classic songs like Dancing Queen, Mama Mia, The Winner Takes It All, SOS, and many more hit songs. The excellent live band and amazing vocalists combine to create an unforgettable Branson show experience.  Don’t miss the chance to join these amazing performers as they pay tribute to a famous group that everyone loves.

Experience for more a total reminiscence of the favorite hits of the 80s at some Branson shows where you will hear songs from Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Cher, and many, many more. Watching your favorite hits of the past will remind you the song and dance of classic movies like Dirty Dancing, Footloose, and Flashdance along with the songs from the TV classics from the 80s.

If you want to be entertained with your favorite hit songs of the past, watch a vintage show in Branson that features classic hit songs of the 60s through 80s and go back in time as you join the party reminiscing the olden days.

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