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The Country Music of Barbara Fairchild

Date: 2016-04-12 12:00:00 am

The Country Music of Barbara Fairchild


Barbara Fairchild Located on the Shepherd of the Hills Expressway, the Barbara Fairchild Dinner Show is one of the best Branson shows that is combined with great food and great music. If you are a fan of country music, this is the show not to be missed as this is the place to hear hit songs of Barbara Fairchild including her chart-topper “The Teddy Bear Song.” The vibrant personality of Barbara Fairchild, her love for storytelling along with her extraordinary talent for singing country and gospel music, will put everyone in amazement as she performs on stage. Barbara is widely recognized as one of the finest female entertainers in country music. She was one of Ralph Emery’s favorite guests during the years he hosted the top-rated “Nashville Now” show on the TNN television network.

The hit song of Barbara Fairchild, “The Teddy Bear Song” has risen to number one position in 1973. The song also sought a number 32 position on the pop charts and was nominated for Grammy Award. Her television appearances included “The Tonight Show” and the classic “Hee Haw.” It will be totally worth watching the Barbara Fairchild’s Diner as you will get to experience a unique fun once you see her inside the Golden Corral Showroom enjoying the versatile songstress’s musical journey with great food. You are sure to be fascinated with great country songs during the two-hour Barbara Fairchild Dinner Show.

Barbara Fairchild has a sincere heart that flows to everyone she meets, whether on the road or to an audience in her shows. The singer also performs with her very talented husband, Roy Morris. It can be noticed from their faces that they are really in love. The husband and wife team has brought so much laughter to millions and they continue to share their natural flare for comedy as they perform. The duo is such an important part in the entertainment community in Branson.

The 2016 schedule of performance of Barbara Fairchild Dinner Show at Doug Gabriel Theater in Branson will be from April 12 through December 2. They will be performing a two-hour show with meal from Tuesday through Friday except August. During Dinner Show, you will get to indulge great menu which includes 2 entrees, citrus chicken on a bed of rice pilaf, slow roasted beef with Au Jus, Green beans with Carrots, Hand-cut mashed potatoes, Hot fresh rolls, Fresh garden salad and finish with Barbara’s Dream Delight Cake, and vanilla cake covered with rich chocolate ganache.

Barbara Fairchild will also be performing during Sunday Morning Worship Service at Doug Gabriel Theater in Branson which started in 1992. The service has continued to be a source of inspiration to thousands of visitors coming to Branson each year. Many people say that “A trip to Branson is not complete without being with Barbara and Roy on Sunday Morning.”

The Barbara Fairchild Dinner Show is one of the most fascinating Branson shows that you shouldn’t miss as it features great music and great food.

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