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The Advantages of Staying in a Log Cabin Over a Hotel Room

Date: 2019-05-13 12:00:00 am

The Advantages of Staying in a Log Cabin Over a Hotel Room


Log cabins in Branson are some of the most preferred accommodations by many visitors who want to experience a pleasant stay in this favorite tourist destination in the Ozarks.

log cabins in BransonMost of these log cabins are spacious and features many modern amenities that can make your stay enjoyable at any time of year. Log cabins are also beautifully located in a secluded place that offers a relaxing atmosphere while most of the regular hotel room accommodations in major cities are always located in the heart of the city

Guests will always find it fantastic to stay in a log cabin accommodation in Branson because its beautiful location in a tranquil environment, offers a worry-free and a relaxing vacation escapade without the feeling of stressful city life. These log cabin units at Thousand Hills Hotel & Resort will surely give you satisfaction and complacency that may surpass your expectations. Listed below are some of the advantages of staying in a log cabin over a hotel room.

You don’t need to worry about dinner reservations

Most log cabin rentals feature fully furnished kitchen complete with modern appliances such as fridge, microwave oven, coffee maker, dishes, washer/dryer, dishwasher, pots and pans, and kitchenware and utensils. Preparing meals for the whole family is always easy, fun and saves a lot of dollars from your travel budget. Dining out in upscale restaurants every night during your 2-week holiday will rapidly diminish your vacation budget. The kitchen in every log cabin in Branson always features granite counter tops and spacious, where cooking isn’t only a pleasure, but a fun way to enjoy time together with the whole family.

Many of the log cabins in Branson are beautifully located within walking distance to a local grocery store. That means you don’t need to do all grocery shopping on one occasion. You won’t be wasting your holiday with household duties like doing the dishes or doing laundry. You can always use the dishwasher and the washer/dryer and enjoy a comfortable life on your holiday and going home without dirty belongings.

You can enjoy BBQ anytime you wan

Many of the log cabins feature a front or back porch where you can enjoy BBQ and dine in any weather. This means every log cabin guest will have a chance for a lovely barbecue. With the covered porch, you can always enjoy BBQ in any weather, rain or shine. Perhaps you don’t know any hotel that offers this same possibility.

You will have a private area for sun-bathing

Most log cabins in Branson are located by the lake and feature a private area. Some of them feature a Jacuzzi. And why not take advantage of the long shoreline of Table Rock Lake. There are plenty of shores to share.

You are very likely to find an area to work on your line-free tan with no one around. But remember sunscreen and a hat. Burning yourself under the sun is possible. Especially during springtime, when the snow reflecting the sun might even double the ultraviolet radiation.

With your log cabin near the lake, you can have an instant private beach. There’s hardly a hotel where you can enjoy this great advantage without an extra charge. And this is always possible in nearly every log cabin rental throughout the country.

log cabins in BransonYou’ll all be able to stay together in a log cabin that can accommodate up to 16 people

Log cabin rentals in Branson often accommodate up to 16 people and offer many fun ways to spend a wonderful time together. Whether you’re traveling with the family or friends, you can always find a log cabin where you all will fit. In rare cases, you’ll not be able to stay in a log cabin especially during peak season, and you will be ought to stay together in a hotel in up to 4 regular hotel rooms.

You will never experience this problem staying in a regular hotel with a big group if you book early for your holiday in Branson. You’ll enjoy the exact opposite; you will stay together in a four-bedroom log cabin together, you can prepare the food you like and enjoy eating together around the same table and, the best of all, you can enjoy the evening together without disturbing other guests.

You’re guaranteed to enjoy nature around you.

When staying at a log cabin, you’re guaranteed to enjoy pure nature in the Ozarks just a few steps from your accommodation. Yes, some hotels in Branson can promise the presence of nature, but many of the hotels are located in a city center. But the log cabins in Branson – they never are.

When renting a log cabin, you’re guaranteed to have authentic nature around your comfy accommodation. With the beautiful location of your log cabin, you don’t need to drive up to the nearest national park, nature reserve or hiking area to enjoy nature. You will have all that right at your doorstep. After all, that’s what the Ozarks region is most known for

You get to live like a local

Choosing a log cabin rental over a hotel room for your holiday in Branson has many benefits. Sometimes a boat is included in the rent – that’s something you won’t get in a hotel. Nowadays nearly all log cabins in Branson are like houses or villas. Many of them are even more luxurious than that. Staying in it offers a clear idea of how the locals live their everyday life like the way they sweep the snow out of their porch, and how they carry in firewood to warm up their precious fireplaces. It will also show the way they push their boats into the lake and fish for their dinner and the way they stay out on the porch late at night admiring the millions of stars, the bubbling of the creek, or the tweets of birds on trees.

If you are still booking a hotel room for your grand vacation in Branson, then you are missing a lot. Why not start to book a log cabin and enjoy the significant advantages it offers?


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