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Spring Fun at the Track Family Fun Park

Date: 2015-03-20 12:00:00 am

Spring Fun at the Track Family Fun Park


Track Family Fun Park The Track Family Fun Park is one of the best vacation spots in Branson where you can experience great outdoor adventure during spring time. This Track Family Fun Park features many exciting outdoor adventures and thrilling rides in four fun-filled locations in Branson. At the Fun Park, you have the chance to enjoy many fun rides that include go-karts, bumper rides, bumper boats equipped with supersoakers, kids rides, and the incredible 100-foot tall super swing Skycoaster, and many more.

This beautiful Fun Park also features three high-rise go-kart tracks that include Heavy Metal Rise that gives you a unique experience of spiraling, elevating, twisting, and turning fun on the concrete track. The other two go-kart wooden tracks are the Wild Woody and The Lumberjack. Heavy Metal Rise is a concrete track made of steel that is reaching over 4 stories high. The Wild Woody is a high-rise wooden track that offers a twisting and turning ride. The Lumberjack is big and mighty wooden track that offers a spiraling fun for kids and family.

The fun-packed thrilling rides at the Fun Park feature a unique outdoor adventure where you can experience a breathtaking and exhilarating ride of your life. At the Fun Park, you can choose any ride that is ideal to your age and height. The Track Family Fun Park features 14 different go-kart tracks that offer exciting go-kart racing for every age level. The Park also features bumper rides where bumping is encouraged. Bumper boats are a great way to enjoy thrilling rides combined with water fun activity. Bumper boats or Supersoaker boats are equipped with water cannons that make this boat ride a unique fun activity where bumping and soaking is key to strategic water battle. If you prefer bumping without soaking, try the bumper cars at Track 4.

Besides the go-karts rides, the track have kiddie amusement rides at Kids Kountry at Track 3 and 4. Spending a fun vacation in Branson during spring season is really great for kids. And the kids will surely love the many exciting and thrilling rides at the Track Family Fun Park where many of it are sized just for them. So, parents get ready with your kids to have fun while you keep busy taking plenty of pictures. Most of the track rides for kids in the fun park allow 36’’ tall kids in classic go-karts, bumper boats, and bumper cars.

Another thrilling and exhilarating ride at the track is 100-foot tall super swing Skycoaster that combines elements of skydiving and hang-gliding. To start this thrilling ride with the Skycoaster, you will be harnessed and pulled up 100 feet in the air. This ride can be experienced with one two or three people at a time. Once you are pulled up from below you will feel a breathtaking 70-mph swinging adventure.

If you want to experience a thrilling outdoor adventure with go-kart rides, Bumper Rides, Kids Rides, Skycoaster, and more, visit the Track Family Fun Park in Branson this spring season.

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