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Spearfishing at the Bull Shoals Lake

Date: 2015-11-15 12:00:00 am

Spearfishing at the Bull Shoals Lake



Bull Shoals Lake is a pristine lake in Branson that features clean and clear waters which make the lake a perfect place to enjoy great water sports activities and exciting fishing adventures. Bull Shoals Lake has become widely known as a perfect fishing spot in central United States because it has an abundant supply of fabulous white bass and wall eye. The lake holds state records for rainbow trout and cutthroat fishing. The lake also garnered great achievements when it improved the fish habitat and enhanced fishing activity.

As one of the most popular fishing destinations in the Midwest, the lake has also become the most visited vacation spot as it offers tons of water sport activities such as wakeboarding, scuba diving, boating, swimming, water skiing, parasailing, and of course the new spearfishing activity. In the lake you can find area resorts and public marinas that offer sports equipments, fishing guides, and supplies for sale. In the lake you will find a boat dock that offers boaters scuba gear rentals, WaveRunner and other boat rentals, and a guided fishing trip. The boat dock also features a full floating marina store that sells marine hardware, rods and reels, clothing, sunglasses, snacks and many more.

Spearfishing Spearfishing in the lake is essentially bow-hunting underwater and is the most challenging way of catching fish with a spear. There are two classes of spearfishing, one is free-diving (holding of breath) and the other is scuba diving with the use of breathing apparatus. The lake of the White River that includes the water of the Bull Shoals Lake is one of the best freshwater lakes in America that offer the best spearfishing activity.

Spearfishing in most of the lakes in the Midwest is limited to fish species designated as ‘non game’. These fish species are abundant year-round from sunrise to sunset with a daily limit of 50; while there is no limit to goldfish and several species of carp. Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy spearfishing on impounded waters and temporary overflow of a river or ditch. In Missouri, it is illegal to spearfish a game fish such as goggle-eye (commonly known as Ozark bass or rock bass), warmouth, northern pike, muskellunge, grass pickerel, chain pickerel, all species of catfish, paddlefish, and all species of crappie, white bass, yellow bass, striped bass, trout, walleye, sauger, shovelnose sturgeon, and many more.

Nongame fish that are allowed for spearfishing include bluegill, carp, green sunfish, carpsuckers, buffalo drum, suckers, gar, and all other species other than those listed as endangered or defined as game fish. All fish species other than those listed as endangered are called non game and sometimes referred to as “other fish’’  in the Wildlife Code. An ethical spearfisherman can’t have unnecessary catch, whereas an angler can accidentally catch some undersize or undesirable species that have to be thrown back.

Bull Shoals Lake is not only a perfect place to enjoy great water sports and traditional fishing activities, it is also great for spearfishing which is the most challenging way of catching fish.

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